Struggling the 100-year road to the new journey · "July Medal" winner 丨 热 心 大 王 兰 – She, let this full city is "orchid" incense

  [Wang Lanhua Injection Group was established] In 2005, she contacted 6 retired cadres and love people, established Wuzhong’s first community volunteer service group – Wang Lanhua hot group. Without a workplace, she took a house in her home; her mobile phone became a team’s hotline. In this way, they will take care of the elderly in the community every day, left behind children, help neighborhoods to solve trivia, resolve disputes, and help to carry out civilized persuasion, public security patrols … Last year, Yuexi Community is transformed, and the paving channel should be renovated. On the ground, a large 80-year-old uncle went to a few rows of green onions and cabbage in front of the front, and the excitement lie down under the shovel machine. When Wang Lanhua heard, he rushed to the scene, softly persuaded that the benefits after the transformation, the old uncle was finally persuaded.

  "There is a masses to help us, whether it is a Hui or a Han nationality, we all do our best to help them. I often say that" help come into help is a matter, help, another thing, we are willing to run legs for them , Grinding the mouth. "Wang Lanhua said. Help others, happy yourself. Guo Shuzhen, a 74-year-old living, is serious, can’t bend his waist because the lumbar disc is highlighted, and it can only "horse tiger tiger". After you know, Wang Lanhua and volunteers regularly help cleaning health, accompanying, every time she is going to call at any time.

  "They look at me every few days, I feel particularly happy.

"Guo Shuzhen said that the hand of Wang Lanhua, red red. At the end of February this year, the young father Yang Peijun, the young father of the Qingtongxia City, gave Wang Lanhua, and his 5-year-old son suddenly confirmed leukemia. The previous treatment has spent six or nonted, and there is no money in the family, please ask them to save children.

  "This young man hurts the body before the body can only make zero work. The wife has just been born in the second child. It is indeed very difficult. We quickly played 5,000 yuan after verification.

"Wang Lanhua said.

  In fact, this 5,000 yuan is very difficult.

  For a long time, the Wang Lanhua Temple Group did not have a fixed source of funds. After receiving the help of the masses, they were raised by Wang Lanhua with volunteers. In 2016, she built a love charity in WeChat, in which fixed love donation, but due to limited funding, they can only give each help 1000 yuan temporary to help.

This time, the child’s condition affects the heart of Wang Lanhua and volunteers, and life is not rich. They are 50, I am 4,000 yuan.

  ["Orchids" joint cognition] There are still many things that have lost money.

Because there is always a busy thing, I can’t finish the phone, Wang Lanhua walks the wind and fire, the bottom of the feet goes out of the old, the big toe is also deformed, only soft shoes.

She once said that there are two most lucky and gains in this life: an honor before the name is a society to her; one is the good time to follow the name, it is difficult. "Some people say that I am ‘silly big mom’, but helping others make me live, frank, happily.

"Wang Lanhua said." Help others, happy yourself. "This sentence has become a common awareness of" orchids ".

The 64-year-old Guo Shuling is the "Yuan Sheng" volunteer, Wang Lanhua Heat Group, the second year of joining.

"I started to be touched by Wang Jie’s behavior and spirit. I have been dry together. I can do it. I can’t get it." In the past few years, the old cotton spun worker suffered from breast cancer and did three surgery, now It still needs to take medicine for a long time, but she has never thought about leaving the volunteer team. "While we do small things, we can do a big event for residents and their families, and do a good thing every day, sleeping is sleeping, the body is much better.

"she says.

  One orchid, fragrant city [Let volunteer service "Orchid Fragrance"] Golden Cup Silver Cup, the best is the word of mouth of the masses. Doing the good things to the Wanglan Flower and Wang Lanhua Tempere Group on the people of the masses, not only have received many honors, but also attracted many "fresh blood" follow. The helped person became the backbone of the volunteer service team. The Shuhong Yong and your brother in Yuxi community have become an orphan because of the family, and Wang Lanhua took the food, cleaned the clothes, and also contacted the school to reduce tuition fees for them. The brothers called her "Wang Mom." Today, the two children not only started the plumbing and repair shop, but also actively gave the elderly to the elderly, disabled. The family who doesn’t understand, and she has also begun to understand her pay. "In the past, we didn’t come. She didn’t come, said that it is necessary to help others, there is no time, the days have long been, we are all touched." Join Wang Huiping, who was joined Wang Lanhua hot group four years, gradually began to understand The attachment. Nowadays, there are more than 20 people who have joined volunteer service, broadcast and heat.

  There have been more young people in the team. 25-year-old Ding Rui weekend junior college, Monday to Friday, the wind and rain, no resistance to Wang Lanhua to do volunteer activities. "Wang Wei is the example of my study, I will do volunteer service.

"Today," Orchid Fragrance "named Wang Lanhua name has become a volunteer service brand in Live District and even Ningxia. Local," Litong District Orchid Fandal Volunteer Service ", has established a multi-level volunteer service team, The registration registration volunteers have exceeded 10,000 people. "They made me see hope, seeing the future, this is also fully explaining that we are walking, the more wider. "Wang Lanhua said.

  [One heart to the party, lifting hot, strokes] 2012 Get up. Now, Wang Lanhua is hot group registration volunteers have 1205, of which more than 180 people are more than 180. "As an old party member with a 26-year-old party, I went all the way to the support of the organization, I know that party members are the banner of fluttering, only adhere to the party building leaders, volunteer service can carry forward.

"Wang Lanhua said. For the old party members of this ancient year," July Medal "is a honor, and it is a responsibility.

  "In the future, I will continue to" there is a point of light, send a hot ", take the volunteer activity, help the residents to solve the worry, trouble, and speak, and guide more young people and love people to participate in volunteers. In the event, let ‘volunteer service, winning in the words’ main melody sings Ningxia, add a force to economic construction, social development and people’s happiness.

"Wang Lanhua said.