With Li Hui, this is open,The people in the door are also happy.,I swappored Li Li and the wind。

But Wang Jing and Li Shouying in the house are very ugly,It is Zhou Shengjie to listen to the organizational organization of Li Hui Feng outside the door.。
“Uncle big brother,Money is also taken,Live, you have to start dry.,But if you want to say it in front,If you take the money, you don’t work.,In this afternoon,I don’t need him if I have a job in tomorrow or after tomorrow.,Don’t be a difficult me。”
“Xiao Li,Definitely won’t。”
“Xiao Li,You don’t have to worry about this.,It’s all in a village, everyone will naturally don’t do it.。”
“Yes,Xiao Li,This kind of good thing we will not be lazy,After all, I can catch my wife and children at home.,Such good things can be。”
“Yup,I will make a fifteenth day of working for a day.,Earn more than one hundred in the morning,I feel very good.。”
Facing the words below,Li Hui also smiled and explained it.,He doesn’t want to say this.,But it is also really afraid that someone does not work.。
After the end,Li Hui Feng directly divided the people into two groups,Take a set of towns,A set of saplings。
Moreover, the tree pit and saplings are allocated in proportion.。
Zhou Shengjie listened to Li Hui’s allocation in the door,It is also silent,He didn’t expect that Li Hui’s college students not only learned, but even the management level was so good.。
Break,He feels that Li’s future will definitely get better and better.,At the same time, I also made a decision.。
Chapter 64
Zhou Shengjie was originally for Li Hui Feng and Zhou Miao seed marriage.,But after today,He is a little peace of mind.。
After Li Hui Rong arranged, he also directly returned to Zhou Shengjie Xuan tea.,After all, I am very grateful for the generous of Zhou Shengjie.。
“Xiao Li.,Yesterday you marriage with my marriage,Your uncle, I carefully consider it.,I feel really not,Just here, your parents are here.,Do you want us to choose a day?,Today this opportunity set a day?”
Wang Jing and Li Shouye have also been thinking about how to speak Li Rong and Zhou Miao.,I didn’t expect Zhou Shengjie to open first.。
Li Hui said this,It is also a mouthful of tea to drink together.。
“Zhou Shu,Do you discuss with seedlings??
And I didn’t agree yesterday.,Today, I suddenly agreed.?”
Looking at Li Hui’s appearance,Zhou Shengjie also laughed。
“Yesterday, I actually wanted to agree.,But you also know those things.,I forgot to work hard for a time.,Waiting for me to go back, I am in a hurry,This is not today, I personally think about it, I’m discussing with my brother’s daughter.,After all, you are all buddy.。”
I didn’t mention the meaning of Zhou Miao.,Li Hui Feng knows that this week, Miao Miao is certainly don’t know.。
“Hey-hey,Zhou Shu,I feel that I have to say that I will say it better.,She agrees,I am naturally very happy.,If the seedlings do not agree,At that time you said more。”
Wang Jing listened to his son,When Li Hui is glances even,Then laugh:“Brother,I think this is completely,We have also seen the seedlings of your family.,That is definitely a good one,Our small wind is to marry your family’s wife, the blessing of his last life.。”
“You are right.,breeze?”
When I said this, Wang Jing bished his teeth and looked at Li.,That means very obvious,If Li Hui is dare to say a word,I definitely be less fat today.。
“Yes Yes Yes,I am definitely what I want to marry.,But Miao Miao does not agree,And this day is so big,How can I get the men and women meet in a day?。”
I really can’t hide.,Li Hui Hui immediately said to go out one side.。
He fly, he quickly called Zhou Miao.。
Zhou Miao is also a strange number.,But he hesitated, she still took it.。
“Hey,You are”“Hey,Zhou Miao,Your dad came to my house.,Let you marry me,And today I have to discuss what we are married to marry.,100,000 fire。”