“You go away,I never want to see you again in my life。”Xia Shuyue doesn’t know what’s wrong,I feel sick when I see Zhao Luo。

“You are really pregnant?You are pregnant with his child?You tell me,Did he raise you?He takes money to open a shop for you,You help him give birth?”Zhao Lola stayed with Xia Shuyue who turned to leave,A series of questions。
Xia Shuyue casually slapped Zhao Luo on the face,“Bastard,Get out of here!”
Xia Shuyue walked forward angrily,Zhao Luo touched his hot face,Shouting,“Xia Shuyue,Why are you,I am about to be rich,I said,I will marry you when I have money,Why don’t you wait for me……”
Xia Shuyue didn’t look back,No tears,There is only a touch of desolation at the corner of the mouth,See through all the bleakness,That’s how God treated her,Maybe this is her fate。
When Xia Shuyue beat Zhao Luo,Wang San just watched not far away,Can’t help laughing,Fang Na asked him to find out,Which man is it behind to open a shop for Xia Shuyue?。
Fang Na thinks Xia Shuyue is Xiaoqiang who can’t be killed,There must be a man backing her with money to support her,Xia Shuyue, who is poor and white, won’t have money to fight her,And won’t have the money to open a shop。
Wang San found a hidden place in front of the store,It’s been a few days,I saw Zhao Luo, a man coming to Xia Shuyue。
“How come now,People are gone。”Wang San said to Er Mao who was panting。
“I ran over as soon as I received your call。”Ermao gasps。
“Wang Ge。”The people who came with Ermao say hello to Wang San。
“You didn’t get the wonderful scene just now,See how you explain to sister Na。”Wang San pointed at Zhao Luo,Er Mao took a photo of Zhao Luo with his camera。
“Did you take the photo?,We still have business。”Wang San took a taxi to an elderly tea room。
“You are the boss?”Wang San walked over and saw a bald middle-aged man with a big belly,Just ask。
“What boss,Just eat。”The man glanced at Wang San。
“Do you know this person?”Wang San showed Zhu Yi’s picture to the tea shop owner。
“Come to me often to play mahjong,I don’t know what his name is,”The boss looked at the photos,ask them,“You want to play mahjong?”
“Correct,Play majiang。”Wang San nodded。