Fashion acupuncture green slimming new appointment

Fashion acupuncture green slimming new appointment

Green slimming 1 day minus 1 kg Recently, Miss Li is very distressed. Seeing that the weather is hot, she can’t buy a fitting clothes. She can’t help but sigh the excess meat in her waist.

In addition to her sigh, she accepted the acupuncture weight loss therapy known as the “green slimming pioneer” at the rehabilitation center of Pok Oi Hospital. After a course of treatment, she lost 10 pounds, which is equivalent to 1 kilogram per day!

  Dr. Li Jimao said that the acupuncture weight loss therapy accepted by Miss Li is mainly acupuncture, supplemented by massage, pulsed electromagnetic waves, biological vector waves, organic combination of drug cans and syndrome differentiation, without active diet, but will suppress appetite, not to lose weightWestern medicine, so it does not hurt the stomach and does not hurt the body, and there is no complication. It is both slim and healthy.

  Acupuncture to lose weight, Fengqi Pengcheng with the increase of too many people in Shenzhen, a variety of weight loss exercise in the medical market, weight loss drugs, weight loss surgery emerge one after another.

However, if the former does not persist for a long time after the implementation, the cost of using bariatric surgery is too high and the risk is high.

The rehabilitation department of Pok Oi Hospital launched the National Atheros Medical Acupuncture Weight Loss Therapy in a timely manner. It won the pursuit of beauty lovers with the concept of “green”.

  In order to give Shenzhen people further understanding of this therapy, Dr. Li introduced its related advantages: a.

No need to actively diet, do not rebound the principle of the therapy is: use acupuncture to stimulate the corresponding acupuncture points, dredge the meridians, mediate endocrine and body balance, through conditioning, from the inside out, both the symptoms and root causes.

  Treatment of obesity caused by endocrine disorders, simple obesity, etc., can quickly add excess obesity, tighten the skin, not loose, lose weight without wrinkles, and never affect the health of the body, a course of treatment can be reduced by 5-20 kg, and will notRebound.


Slimming and healthy body while using acupuncture to lose weight, using the synergy of biological vector waves and various physical factors, effectively promote breast movement, so that the sagging breasts are fully exercised, blood circulation is increased, and the surrounding meridians are dredged, so that the waist,The excess in the abdomen is moved to the chest, making the upper part firm and strong.

Can achieve the effect of losing weight and breast enhancement.


No side effects, adapt to the crowd for long-term weight loss, drug loss, diet, fear of being hungry, surgery, pain, exercise, weight loss, tired people, can achieve weight loss through acupuncture weight loss therapy, because there is no side effect on the body, the therapy is currentlyCalled by patients as the most effective way to lose weight.

  Four questions about acupuncture weight loss Question 1: Where to go for acupuncture?

  You may wish to choose a specialist in a large hospital because they are trained in distance at the university.

  Question 2: Is diet control dieting?

  Diet control is needed, but if someone asks someone to lose weight to control the food intake is very low, it is not a good thing, it is easy to cause a rebound, and people can not tell whether the reduced weight is the role of acupuncture or diet.

  Question 3: What is the main reason for acupuncture to lose weight?

  Acupuncture weight loss is mainly systemic weight loss, local weight loss is not too obvious.

But the aunt of the abdomen through the multi-needle, deep thorn, etc., the local weight loss effect is relatively obvious.

  Question 4: Will it hurt?

  The process of needles produces acid, paralysis, swelling, and pain. These are normal.

In the treatment, I feel very accustomed to overcome the tension.