Central News Office Reporting Center participated in 2021 National Network Security Publicity Week

The exhibition area opened by the Central News Network Office, combined with the theme of "network security as the people, the network security relying on the people", revolving around netizens, throughout the market, propaganda film and other publicity forms, detailed introduction to the main responsibilities, report The information, such as accepting scope, report channel, vividly showcase the work of promoting Internet companies to actively accept netizens, strengthening network infringement information, and coordinating network infringement, etc.

In order to facilitate the majority of netizens to understand the online reporting work, the CCM Office Reporting Center moves the field exhibition board information to the line, so that netizen friends can visit the house.

The event site, the Central News Network Office Report Center staff and live people actively exchange interactions, distribute online reports and the rumors and other promotional products, and to the scene of the people to explain the dangers of Internet illegal and bad information, around daily life. And all kinds of network harmful information that may encounter in work, explain to the masses, guide the masses to actively report illegal and bad information in the Internet, do not create, do not believe, do not pass, and make the maintainer of the Qinglan network space. The event attracted many people to come to participate, visit the masses, have expressed their network security awareness through this event, mastering the skills of identification, preventing network harmful information, and will resolutely say "no" in the future, actively participate Internet illegal and bad information report.

The event site also sets H5 interactive answers, 2021 Network Security Expo, and the majority of netizens can participate in interaction at the event site. At the same time, the WeChat public account "WeChat public account will also conduct a prize-winning question and answer event regularly. Welcome friends from all network people to pay attention to and participate.

In recent years, under the support and response of the public, the online reporting work has achieved positive progress.

The Central News Office Reporting Center will continue to report the channels, increase the disposal, optimize the reporting effect, and earnestly respond to the people concerned.

Thank you for your support of the support of the Internet! Welcome netizens friends to participate in H5 answers interaction, understand the network reporting work, master the skills of knowledge.

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