Unswerving, "Lake Revolution" to ensure that COP15 is a complete success

Original title: Unwavering advancement "Lake Revolution" to ensure that COP15 is a complete success on October 9, Wang Yongbo, Yunnan Provincial Governor, presided over the 127th executive meeting of the 13th Provincial People’s Government, conveyed the spirit of the State Council executive meeting, listening to Dianchi Coastal illegal and illegal construction, COP15 Yunnan Province preparations, new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control, etc. The meeting emphasized that in-depth study and implementation of the important instructions of Xi Jinping’s ecological civilization and General Secretary Xi Jinping, profoundly drawing the lessons of illegal and illegal in violations in Dianchi, Tree people observations, system views and rule of law, profound from position, quality, ability, will Viewing self, from political understanding, thinking, research issues, solving problems, enhances ideological understanding of new realm, setting up new trending poles, iron rules, iron rules, consciousness, consciousness, and resolutely win "The Lake Revolution" is attacking the battle, and the traction promotes the "environmental revolution", firmly unwavering the high-quality development path of ecological priority, green and low-carbon, promotes the continuous new level of ecological civilization construction and ecological environment.

The meeting pointed out that the preparations for COP15 have been basically ready. It is necessary to fight political responsibility, obey the command and dispatch, strengthen coordination, comprehensive investigation and deficiency, comprehensive service, comprehensive security, comprehensively strengthen publicity, and work together To make a good job, make sure the General Assembly is a complete success, do not pay close to the general secretary of the close, not to expect the people of the whole country. The meeting emphasized that the general secretary of Xi Jinping, the general secretary, improve the station, the lack of the table, find the gap from thought, work, mechanism, etc., grasp the key, seek breakthrough, see effective, vigorously promote the surrounding national policies, rules, standards Trinity "soft link", promoted the "hard link" of the four-person infrastructure "hard network", strive to build new progress in the construction of my country’s Southeast Asian Radiation Center. The meeting requires that the epidemic prevention and control should be made, and the COP15 is held to create a safety environment.

It is necessary to make a dynamic cleanup of administrative normative documents in time, which is always administited according to law.

The meeting also studied other matters.

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