Suqian Fuyang was born in the first industrial invoice sales income broke the 10 billion township

Original title: The first industrial invoiced sales income of Fuyang Break Billion Township This newspaper (Xu Mingze Lu) Song Cong Cong) In January-October this year, Sang Xun Town, Fuyang County, realized the industrial invoicing sales income billion, with an increase of%.This is a township, the first industrial invoice sales income in Suqian City, is also a township town income.

The development of township industry in Fuyang County presents high-spirited strong trend of high songs.

From January to October, 30 townships (streets) in the county realize the industrial invoicing sales billion, realizing industrial value-added tax billion.

There are 23 townships (streets) of more than 500 million yuan in industrial invoices, 15 of more than 1 billion yuan.

Peng Wei, secretary of the Xiangyang County Party Committee, said that the achievements have been derived from Yangyang to adhere to the "industrial powerful county, industry Xing county" strategy, adhere to the combination of township industrial expansion and quality, grasp the transformation and innovation, and effectively improve township industrial economyDevelopment quality.(Editor: Xiao Yu, Wu Ji Pan) Share more people to see.