“Ha ha!So I can officially work?“Wang Degui looked triumphant。Quiet in the house,So quiet that you can hear it。

First0088chapter Spoiler
A long while,Ouyang Hong squeezed out two words from his mouth:“can“
“Well,But I have to explain,Mayor Li asked me to work,Otherwise I will stay in the hospital for a while,I heard that the village is chaotic during this time,You said that as the head of a village,How can i still live“Wang Degui said,Keep looking at Xia Jian。
I went to his grandma,Didn’t you say that Lee Jin is suspended??Why he came out to work again?No wonder this Wang Degui is so arrogant,Xia Jianqiang suppressed the anger in his heart,Make the instant rice chick,It seems that he has never tasted such a delicious。
Ouyang Hong does not lose money because he is the mayor,She laughed and said:“it is good,Welcome back Mr. Wang,You’d better go to the village to see the situation first,After that, we will meet again to study the next work,After all, you ran to the hospital as soon as the disaster hit,You don’t understand many situations“
“it is good“Wang Degui is really interesting,Stood up immediately。
Just turned around,She glanced at Xiao Xiao,Said quickly:“You are the big boss who came to our village to support?I am the head of Xiping Village,What’s the connection,Just ask me,After all, I have the final say in this village“This old guy,Domineering,Completely ignore Ouyang Hong and Xia Jian。
Xiao Xiao didn’t raise his head either,I just raised my brow and said:“Old man,You got it wrong,I support Xiping Village,But I have nothing to do with Murakami,Because which villager I want to support,I’ll directly connect with the villagers,Don’t want to pass Murakami,Please please!“
Wang Degui was boring,Supported by his son Wang Youcai,Out of the village committee office。
“What does this mean?What Mayor Lee,It’s this old guy again,I quit,This routine is too deep“Xia Jian finally couldn’t help it,Yelled to Ouyang Hong。
Xiao Xiao waved,Smiled and said to Ouyang Hong:“Fang Fang told me the situation in your village on the phone,This Wang Degui ran away as soon as the disaster came,What village chief are you now?,Do you really have nothing to do with him??“
Ouyang Hong didn’t say a word,Grabbed the phone on the desk,A little annoyed:“Transfer to Secretary Chen’s Office,I am Ouyang Hong“
One call,Just listen to Ouyang Hong shouting into the microphone:“Secretary Chen,I was transferred by you,Trouble you to transfer me back,What are you doing?Mayor Li returned to Pingyang Town,I don’t know at all,Is there any village chief who ran away when the disaster came,What kind of shit to be the village chief now when I run back,How to do this job?”
Ouyang Hong’s anger,She also exploded at the secretary,This surprised Xia Jian,It seems that Wang Degui’s comeback,Not a simple thing,Behind this…
Ouyang Hong said again:“I don’t care what Mayor Li is from,There can only be one mayor in Pingyang Town,it is me,I don’t care if he is demoted to deputy mayor,But if he wants to take care of Xiping Village,Don’t blame me for being polite”Ouyang Hong finished,Hung up the phone with a snap。
Is this calling the city leader??Xia Jian finds it hard to believe,It seems that Ouyang Hong is still a powerful character,Get angry,I don’t recognize the king。