Shenyang Construction Project EIA approval of the "City General Office"

  Let’s take a first approval and then come to the enrollment of the Shenyang Construction Project EIA approval of the "City General Office", "the city’s general office", "the approval personnel to quickly complete the platform for all materials, and the company’s key technology research and detection base project will also be started on the same day. Environmental procedures.

"On May 24th, when it comes to applying for environmental assessment approval at the Dadong Branch of the Shenyang Ecological Environment Bureau, Xu Peiliang, the person in charge of the project of Shenyang Transformer Research Institute Co., Ltd., is still very excited. It’s so convenient to do ‘. "The approval of the EIA is the first order of the EIA approval of the construction project issued by Shenyang City.

Last year, Shenyang City had "approved" and "reviewed" for environmental risks controlled, affected by the epidemic, and employment -intensive types.

Enterprises only need to report the relevant requirements of the "Promise Book". The window where the project is located can be approved directly. The approval time limit is shortened from the original 11 working days to 1 working day. "Da".

At present, 205 construction projects such as BMW Shenyang factory support, Mengniu Dairy production line upgrade and reconstruction, and Shenyang Machine Tool functional component parks have benefited from 205 construction projects. "However, we have also received some feedback, which reflects more that the construction unit often entrusts the EIA unit to go through the approval procedures. There are many inconveniences.

Therefore, we decided to upgrade the EIA approval ‘that is, that is, to do "to the" city -to -office ". Related enterprises can freely choose any window of 16 government affairs halls in the city to handle and complete the environmental assessment approval. Shan Weimin, deputy director of the Shenyang Ecological and Environment Bureau.

  It is understood that the scope of "the city’s general office" includes the Shenyang 14 category 22 small projects such as agricultural and sideline product processing, food manufacturing, computers, social undertakings and service industries.

In addition, for 11 industrial parks and specific areas of the city, 17 major categories of 22 small "city -through -office" special projects were also added.

For example, in the entire area of ??Shenyang Automobile City, Dadong District, 6 types of projects such as automobile manufacturing and metal products are implemented.

After completing the establishment of the environmental assessment documents, the construction unit can submit an application based on the "Administrative License Application", "Construction Unit Promotional Letter" and "EIA Report Form". While serving the company, we must also keep the red line in the environment.

On the basis of the "enterprise commitment", Shenyang City will strengthen the substantial review after approval. For projects with false commitments and environmental assessment conclusions during substantial review, the EIA approval is revoked in accordance with the law. Projects will strengthen environmental supervision during the project construction and operation period to ensure the stable operation of pollution prevention and control facilities and the stable discharge of pollutants.

(Reporter Tao Yang) +1.