Corqin District Teaching System Launches Civilization Table CD Action

The event was kicked off in the dance "Yinnong", and the Corqin District teaching system advocated the promotion of teachers and students on the launching ceremony, and the cultivators of the grain were sent into virtue, and practiced the new style of the times. The teachers and students focus on the CD action by watching education micro video, chorus, reading, etc., and will send hand-made "CD" as a souvenir to the field, calling for the waste of tips, and strive to make efforts to save.

The Corqin District teaching system takes this event as an opportunity. It hopes that teachers and students will regard the CD as a habit. It is a kind of cultivation and responsibility. It is done ", there are not many dots, the cafeteria is not playing, the kitchen does not do" From cherish one rice, a drop of water, one calm, a piece of paper, accumulated the month, becomes a wind. "CD Action" is in action, it is persistent, next, the Corqin District Teaching Department will continue to vigorously promote the civilized table CD action, create a strong atmosphere of "wasteful, saving glorious", so that "cherish food, advocating" The civilized fashion is a common style, inheriting the virtue of cherishing food with practical actions.

(Zhang Simin Hi De Day) (Editor: Liu Ze, Zhang Xue Dong).