Taiwan youth, scholars call: Let Lu Sheng immediately return to Taiwan to learn

The reporter will live.

Sun Liji Photographic People’s Network Taipei August 13 (Reporter Sun Liji, Chen Xiaoxing) Opening an overseas student at the Taiwan authorities, but unparalleled universities, the Taiwan Youth Group invited teachers on the 13th, and scholars called for more than 5,000 Limited continent students immediately return to stand up.

The "Chinese Youth Public Participation Association" and the "Taiwan Second Power Front" put forward three demands on the 13th, one is no blue green, only education. Second, epidemic prevention, it can take into account.

The third is that the land is lifted, ready to handle.

The "Taiwan Justice Front" jointly initiates people Huang Jingsuan to say that open foreign students exclude mainland students, infringement of land, and Lu Sheng should apply the same standards with other overseas students.

Chen Hexi, deputy secretary of the "Chinese Youth Public Participation Association", Taiwan University, graduates, said that Lu Sheng can’t go to Taiwan, only by video, difficult to participate in the classroom discussion, or use library resources.

There is also a book for land-writing papers in Taiwan, which cannot be entered at station, resulting in half a year of time academic lockout. Guo Li, president of the School of Political University Communications, pointed out that blocking land match, "Xiao Ming", Lu Sheng returned to Taiwan, is extremely stupid, timid.

"But the other party, punish the most weak". Before the Taiwan region, Ma Yingjiu is also issued on the face of the Facebook, and the selective elimination of land is returned to Taiwan, which is entirely political consideration. He appealed that do not interrupt the opportunity to communicate between the two sides of the strait, let the new, old and indulgence can come to Taiwan, cross the political divide. (Responsible: Zhang Xinfeng, Yan Wei) Sharing let more people see.