269 pirate
Naturally, Chen Xiu didn’t know that because he suddenly left,All parties in Anshan are in chaos,Calm and calm on the bright surface,The secret war is likely to be on the verge of。
After discussing that day,Professor Fang also contacted Huang Nanguo to tell Chen Xiu’s guess,Huang Nanguo also said that he would negotiate with experts from the Palace Museum in Beijing,It only takes a while to get the information。
Chen Xiu took advantage of this free time to be with Professor Fang’s team,Every day, the salvaged cultural relics are restored,I even took the opportunity to absorb the mysterious atmosphere inside。
Few days down,Compared to when I first got on the ship,The secret breath of the god in Chen Xiu’s body is still more than doubled,And muscle、The bones are nourished by the mysterious atmosphere,Strengthening his body。