Lu Monkey hurriedly changed his words:“My sister-in-law、My sister-in-law“

Cai Li stood up,Said to Gao Wei with tears in his eyes:“You just let me go?I was almost ruined by you all my life,See an old classmate and be under your supervision,Is it a bit too much?“
“Oh Li!Why do you say that to your husband in front of an outsider,Didn’t I do this for the sake of our children??Since it’s all about it,I’ll tell the truth!Opposite this kid is not reliable,Now like me,Also a vagrant,Don’t listen to him nonsense,What kind of shit boss is he,That’s lying to you“Gao Wei stood up,Eyes full of provocation。
Cai Li looked at Xia Jian who was full of anger,Shook his head vigorously,The meaning is clear,Don’t let him do it。
Gao Wei is away,He Jing said to Xia Jian:“You are really,Made me easy to find,They are both outside,How to do?You guys chat,I’m going back?“He Jing looked upset。
Cai Li,Say immediately:“It’s late,I have to go back,thank you!“Cai Li said,Nodded at He Jing。
Xia Jian took a breath,I took out my pen and wrote a mobile phone number and handed it to Cai Li,Said with a smile:“I spend most of my time in Pingdu,Call me if you have anything,Anyway,Are everyone classmates?“
He Jing smiled and said:“Should,Call him if you have anything!“
Sent away Cai Li,When Xia Jian and He Jing go downstairs,,Ouyang Hong and Zhao Hong are already impatient。Especially Ouyang Hong,She shouted at Xia Jian with an unhappy look:“What kind of person!You date a lover,Let’s freeze popsicles here,Do you say it is appropriate?Originally invited us to eat western food,I am very grateful,Now everything is equal to zero“
“OK OK,Stop talking nonsense,President Xia is in a bad mood tonight,Don’t mess with him anymore,Let’s go back quickly!“He Jing glanced at Xia Jian,Take Ouyang Hong and leave。
Thus,It’s a bit embarrassing for Zhao Hong,She glanced at Xia Jian,Went in the other direction。These women,Quite a lot of scheming,Xia Jian helplessly shook his head,Chasing the lonely Zhao Hong。
Deep winter night,Howling cold wind,There are no pedestrians on the street,Occasionally a taxi with passengers rushes away,It’s even harder to stop a car。
Zhao Hong looked back at Xia Jian who was unhappy,Asked coldly:“What are you doing with me?“
“I’m not with you”Xia Jian replied。
Zhao Hong smiled and said:“Don’t you talk to many people?Ouyang Hong and He Jing,And the dream girl you met tonight,Whichever one,Better than me,Am I right!”
Zhao Hong’s expression made Xia Jian speechless,Suddenly a bad idea came to my mind,Xia Jian caught up in a few steps,Hugging Zhao Hong for a wild kiss,Zhao Hong in her arms pushes desperately,The more so,Xia Jian is more excited,Finally, Zhao Hong gave up resistance,Two icy lips finally kissed together。
In a taxi running across the road,Whistled,Xia Jian at this time,I can’t manage that much,No one knows them anyway。
A night of toss,When it’s almost dawn,Xia Jiancai fell asleep in a daze,But just fell asleep,I was awakened by the sound of pedestrians and cars on the road。