Everyone who finds fat is thin

Everyone who finds fat is thin

What is the cause of obesity?

In addition to innate, environmental and other factors, lifestyle habits are also causing too many reasons.

Some people will lament that they are fat people who drink water. Is there really such a person?

I consulted the experts and I learned that the original excessively divided into primary obesity and secondary obesity.

  Primary obesity Primary obesity accounts for 95% of obese people, which means you are a fat person.

One of these branches is simple obesity. When a child with simple obesity grows up, the obesity rate is 18% higher than that of his peers.
About 42%, the other branch is nutritional obesity, caused by constant feeding.

As the old saying goes: “The horse does not eat night grass is not fat, people do not eat night food is not fat,” is the problem of diet structure and habits.

  Secondary obesity secondary obesity occurs mostly in women after menopause.

Each body and endocrine tolerance is different, exceeding the health and hormone levels of the intended endocrine organs.

  At the same time, it is a reasonable diet structure.

The same physique, if you have a selective place to eat, the effect is not the same.

  If she thinks she is thin, she will be in a good state. She is willing to be seen by others.

Some girls, we will say that she is very pleasing, that is, her weight may not be light, but it is very small and very thin, it looks very thin.

If a person’s arm is thick, it will visually feel that she is fat.

It is said that if a person’s arm is slender, she will look like her weight is about 1 less than the real weight?

About 5 kg.

So to make yourself look thin and in good condition, it is smart to start thinning.

  Generally speaking, the upper arm is bifurcated and the outer side is relatively loose. If the slack is very serious, the wind sways like a flag. That is what we call “butterfly sleeves”. This is not very good-looking.
Therefore, our thin arms are cured, and the second is Zhisong.

  Now, check your arm fracture. If it is more bloated, it is usually more water. We can strengthen the venous circulation and lymphatic reflux to make the muscles contract. You don’t hinder the massage.

  The right thin arm massage puts the weight loss product in an obese place on the arm.

  Slightly rub the area of the aqueous fatty acid, and then push down in the direction of the venous return and the direction of the lymphatic return, which is equivalent to draining the water to the arm socket.

The relaxation of the arm is affected by the collagen fiber, so we need to help it drain first, then step up and then tighten.

  In addition to the local, we also pay attention to the whole body.

For example, eat more foods that have antioxidant effects, and don’t drink too much pigment-rich beverages that increase the burden on the kidneys.

  Self-cultivation of thin arms We often say that going to the gym is too much trouble. In fact, the time spent sitting at home watching TV can be accurately used to do thin arms exercise.

For example, you can take a remote control or a mineral water bottle, or just a little weight to do sports.

  There is an action in yoga that lets your arm rise first, then one hand must bend backwards, but the spine must be straight.

  When everyone is working hard, the other hand is actually completely slack, so you can hold a bottle of mineral water.

Because when we are bending our hands, the joints and the joints are all reversed. When we are hard, we only stretch by the muscles that are laid down.

But in the process of stretching you don’t have to be very slow, so the effect is better.

You can do this 100 times a day, with 50 left and right hands.

Stick to it and you will immediately see that the muscles in your arm will gradually pick up.

  Warming up before doing any exercise is very important, especially when it comes to the spine.

  Covering with costumes, if our “butterfly sleeves” can’t be quickly lost, they can also be covered up by clothing.

For example: a wide and thick person should not wear pure off-the-shoulder clothes, or shoulder straps; many are too fat to wear shoulder-style clothes; do not wear buttons when wearing seven-quarter sleeves; buy clothes based on shouldersThe clothes you wear must exceed your fattest part, so there is no such thing as a three-quarter sleeve, eight-point sleeves or two-point sleeves. You think that the fattest part is to let the clothes cover it slightly to cover it; shrink sleeves and bubblesDon’t wear clothes that are soaked in sleeves.
  Sisters should remember that whether it is weight loss or something else, it must be beneficial to the body, at least it is harmless. I hope that everyone will increase their common sense when they lose weight, whether they are at home or not.Ok, be sure to find something that suits you.

This is also a very important learning.
  Jin Yuliang said that the beauty of a woman should be the overall beauty.

This beauty contains your mental health, including your self-confidence, including the color, including whether others see you as a happy person. If a woman needs to lose weight, she can’t eat, slowly and slowly, thisPeople will become bitter, and they will become bitter and thin, so she is actually not beautiful.

So if you want to choose between health, thinness and beauty, health is definitely the first thing, the second thing is the beauty from the inside out, and finally it becomes a slender slim when there is still some effort.People.