Three things you should not do on your way to work

Three things you should not do on your way to work

With age, women’s menstrual periods become shorter, and most women in their 35’s have a cycle of 28 days.

You may not be clear.

Or you may just have a slight effect on the mood of hormones in your body, but you do n’t understand why sometimes you look charming and shameful, sometimes you are cold and would rather be alone?

In fact, the hormonal acceleration changes in your body affect you. Let’s start the day of the office worker’s “working hard” morning: turn off the hissing alarm clock, wash your face casually, wrap your clothes, grab a piece of breadStraight to the train station.

Crowded on the bus, took the subway without being idle, bought a newspaper to read the news, and backed up the words in English.

The road is a little longer, and many people will make up for it.

Reading books and newspapers in the car, eating, and sleeping are common to office workers, but few people consider whether this approach is harmful to health.

Experts remind busy office workers to get rid of these bad habits.

  Reading a book in a car hurts your eyes. Reading a book, newspaper, or magazine in a dangling car is typical unhealthy behavior with the eyes. You should avoid reading in the car when you are busy at work.

  The reason why the eyes can clearly see objects with different distances is due to the adjustment of the eye’s ciliary muscles. The ciliary muscles, like the camera lens, constantly adjust the “focal distance” of the eyes so that objects near and far can be clearly seen.

When the human eye looks at a relatively fixed distance, the contraction and extension of the ciliary muscle can remain relatively stable, and the eyes are not easily tired.

If the object is always in a state of shaking, in order to see the target, the eye’s ciliary muscles are forced to adjust constantly, which can easily cause eye fatigue.

Dr. Yu said, “It is almost inevitable to see such shaking objects, motion sickness, and dizziness.

“As soon as people get busy, they don’t care about anything. After reading the book in the car, their eyes are very tired, and then they rub their hands and make things worse.

If your hands are dirty, older comrades may rub the cornea if they use improper force, causing immeasurable harm.

If your eyes feel very tired, it doesn’t prevent you from doing eye exercises. Even scratching your eyes can promote blood circulation around your eyes.

If possible, you can also order some eye drops.

In short, it’s not worth the time to read the few books on the bus to work.

  Breakfast on the road is not hygienic. Generally speaking, on the road, the breakfast in the car will not be nutritious.

Either bread, burgers, snacks, biscuits and other fast foods; or pancakes, churros, and other road breakfasts.

Eating this kind of food every day is not balanced at all, and eating breakfast on the way is extremely unhygienic.

  The roadside is very dusty, and the car will not run out of dust on the road, whether it is eating on the roadside while waiting for the car, or eating on the car, eating it for breakfast, but also eating dust and exhaust gas.

In winter, even eating cold air, it is more likely to cause asynchronous road discomfort, leading to abdominal pain and diarrhea.

  It is not necessary to eat breakfast instead of rushing to the time on the road, try to run out of breakfast indoors, and stay in the office if it is not possible at home.

In addition, from the perspective of nutritional balance, if you eat fast food for breakfast, you should also pay attention to supplementing some nutrients that are not taken in the morning, such as eating more fruits, vegetables, and drinking more soup or milk.

  It is easy to catch cold while sleeping in the car, and some people are far away from the unit, sleep late, get up early, and often use the way to work to make up for sleep.

Xiao Yi, deputy director of the Department of Respiratory Diseases and director of the Sleep Center of the Peking Union Medical College Hospital, told reporters that people’s sleep can be roughly divided into two stages: “non-rapid eye movement sleep” and “rapid eye movement sleep”.There are two processes, “light sleep” and “deep sleep”, which circulate multiple times during sleep.

Only after people have experienced several “deep sleep” processes in sleep can fatigue be fully eliminated.

However, sleeping in a car, snoring, supplementary sleep, are easily affected by various factors, car shaking, light stimulation, sound effects, space contraction . it is not easy for people to enter a “deep sleep” state,Resting in a “light sleep” state can only lead to inadequate recovery.

We often hear colleagues disappointed. After sleeping in the car, we feel pain in our back and legs, and weary.

  As everyone knows, sleeping in a car can easily lead to illness.

Director Xiao said, “The most important thing to take a nap in the car is to fall asleep and catch a cold.

Sleeping with your neck tilted to one side can easily fatigue your neck muscles on your back, so it is easy to fall down.

Also, when you sleep in the car, the door switch, the fan blows, and you can catch cold easily if you are not careful.

Some may cause facial paralysis, some people can recover naturally within a short period of time, and some can no longer be reversed.

“During a day’s fatigue, taking a short nap can help you recover, but try not to sleep in a car.