Changchun New District measures and promotes the high-quality employment of retirement soldiers

Retired soldiers are important human resources, and it is an important force to accelerate the high quality development of the new district.

From the persistence of policy promotion, market guidance, social support, guiding the entrepreneurship of retired military groups in the district, realizing its own value, to targeting training, optimizing entrepreneurial environment, building entrepreneurship platform; from innovative retired military special care, resettlement policy, to promote Retired military employment started; from an increase in excellent typical propaganda, it is to hang a glorious brand for families such as violent, military and retired military … Development, retired soldiers have gone, the sense of happiness is constantly enhanced, and the whole society respects the strong atmosphere of the retired soldiers.

Take a table, spread the road, the ladder, let the "most lovely person" become "most useful people."

In order to more targeted, accurately launched the employment entrepreneurial service, Changchun New District launched a "two demand" survey of job search and employment skills training, fully grasping the employment needs and employment direction, based on the results of the annual employment entrepreneurship work according to the results of the survey Overall planning and deployment.

"Only if the retired soldiers have obtained the practical frontier employment technology to improve employment competitiveness, let them better based on the vast number of jobs.

"Ma Haitao, Director of the Social Workers Development Bureau of Changchun New District, said that it is the initial heart of the retired military to make practical benefits, and the Changchun New District has launched two retired military employment skills training in June and October, and the demand is relatively large. Electrical skills and automotive maintenance and maintenance courses with relatively high income, car maintenance and maintenance courses. After the first training, most students have successfully responded through the electrician professional skills certification exam.

Undertake the first training experience, the new district and the training agency have been carefully planned and actively prepared, and the second employment skills training has been fully upgraded from the course arrangement, hardware facilities, and strive to give a better training experience of the participants. The curriculum content and better employment prospects, the training is free, and accommodation is available.