Cage football: everything is happy

Cage football: everything is happy

The cage on the side of the basketball court suddenly “fired” recently.

A small cage of 10 meters x 16 meters x 3 meters, there are always a group of children with rough feet and three pairs of three, they come from various districts and counties in Shanghai.

There were some girls on the outside, and they screamed from time to time. They also came to some cadre-like people who nodded frequently.

  The founder has an ideal of “advertising film” – a Shanghai night, a few neighboring boys in the cage of the hall, namely, Da Luo, Ronaldinho, Xiao Luo Luo . and in the interview, “The idea of “cage people” has never been so brilliant.

  South America, with its passion for origin, is the birthplace of Samba and a hot spot for football.

On the streets of Rio de Janeiro, children can be seen everywhere.

A ball was ragged, surrounded by a group of bare feet, a teenager with bare upper body, and a mother who had been chasing after her. The obese body made her breathless.

  A few years later, the children grew up, some of them had Ronaldo, and they were called “aliens” in the opponent’s restricted area all day long; and some of them became seafarers, wandering in the Atlantic Ocean and the Indian Ocean, accompanying them all year round.It is an endless blue and boring life.

Therefore, these football-loving seafarers came up with a good idea. They opened their positions in the cabin after unloading, and spontaneously played three-on-three football matches. The cabin was naturally shielded and there was no need to worry about the ball flying.maritime.

  [拓展]  笼中争斗更刺激  刚刚大学毕业的小赵坐在笼子外头的板凳上休息,白色T恤的背后已经渗出滴滴汗渍,队友们还在笼子里面“搏斗”

,“挺累的,”I only played for half an hour, Xiao Zhao has already “out of the cage” and rested twice. “I was specially rushed from Putuo District.”

“Outside the basketball court, a series of parked more than 10 mopeds, a group of young people in their early 20s automatically formed the team, looking for a place HAPPY every weekend.

  ”Because I just came here to play basketball. Later I found a cage next to it. I thought I was using it for animals. As a result, I said that I can play football.

“So, I gathered the team partners. Everyone feels very novel and exciting.” I have seen NIKE advertisements before. I feel a little bit when I play in the cage.” Xiao Zhao said when he said it.Look, “Of course, the cage inside the ad is more refined, after all, it has done the effect.

This is the Shanghai cage football that has received much attention recently. The cage covers an area of 10 meters x 16 meters x 3 meters and is made of wire mesh.

  The initial launch of the Shanghai Football School Principal Ding Longfa to form a cage football is the “fighting” advertisement launched by NIKE in 2002.

A year and a half ago, two iron cages were released at the same time, one was placed next to the Hongkou football stadium, and the other was distributed by Ding Long in the school for armor teaching.

  If it is not a quarrel in the basketball court, perhaps this cage will not appear at the end of the basketball court in Xinyi Town.

“Some children took football to the basketball court and used the basketball racks on both sides as the goal. One took up two basketball racks, so the children who came to play basketball had a dispute.

“This is indeed a very headache. Playing football on the basketball court is neither safe nor affecting others. So Ding Longfa moved the cage from school.”

  ”Actually, we still want to play basketball,” said Xiao Zhao’s hand. On a large basketball court, the black pressure is all people, there are many teenagers sitting next to each other, waiting for a moment to play a basketball.”The basketball court is too tight. When we wait, we will come and play football next to it.

“But there are also some teenagers who love to play football. They specialize in running soccer cages. Xiao Zhang, who has participated in football matches, is a football fanatic.” The football turf of the school and the stadium should be maintained.Open, some open venues are too expensive, you can only come here to have fun, but if there is a big turf venue to play football, I will definitely not choose here, after all, there is no side to kick up.

“The original cage was small, and because it was surrounded by barbed wire, Xiao Zhang didn’t dare to hit it when he was playing.” It would always hurt to hit it.” When there is still one meter away from the net, Xiao Zhang closes his foot.Then, the ball was kicked “on the ground” and the ball bounced back to his feet. “There is no sideline and bottom line here, that is, there is no concept of being out of bounds.

“And the venue is too slippery, and often falls.” Wearing a rubber-bottomed running shoe, Xiao Zhang still feels very dangerous, “I would rather be cemented, and it is better than laying plastic now.”

“Because it is a cage on the basketball court, there is no special transformation, so the current “turf” of cage football is a layer of plastic, it is easy to slip, and there is no drawing of the restricted area line, just like a “hairy room”,”We can only get the approximate acceleration zone and the service point. Anyway, everyone is playing with friends, and it is almost enough.

“Opening the iron gate, Xiao Zhao went in again and continued to “play” football with his friends.” fouled, fouled, penalty kick.

“According to the cage football rules, any foul is penalized.

Xiao Wang’s back to the goal, “Don’t peek!

Xiao Zhao shouted at Xiao Wang, “Hey,” Xiao Wang hit the ball with his heel and hit the side of the net, separating the goal. “Oh, really stinky!”

Then you will not be penalized!

“You thought it was very easy. I didn’t have long eyes behind me. You came to see it.”

Xiao Zhang stood at the free-throw line. Xiao Wang was in front of the goal. The original half-circle door was blocked half. “Come here, shoot with the head.” The two sides scored 14 levels and can only rely on penalty kicks.决胜负,于是,新一轮的争斗又开始了……  [推广]  一切向快乐看齐  娱乐性  “快乐足球”是中国国家足球队前主教练米卢曾经倡导的足球理念,现在,笼式足球The same is the central idea of these four words.

Do not advocate collision, after all, people who play cage football are not professional athletes. As a cage football promoted by mass sports, it is to let the surrounding residents have a fitness place.

  “去年我们对本市青少年做了一个调查,主题是‘我最喜欢的体育项目’,结果列在第一位的是足球,”上海市体育局群体处副处长王家瑾说,“而青少年占据A large proportion of the mass sports, the guidance of the school, the community in the open space, you can often see football and basketball teenagers.

“But the promotion of cage football should also be tailored to local conditions.” We don’t want to put one in all places, but we also need to see it.

“Wang Jiaxuan said, like Xinyi Town, the resident population is 8.

40,000 people, plus a floating population of nearly 150,000, belong to high-density residential areas, there are no schools and stadiums around, and cage football can be visited by about 100 people every year.

  Ornamental “So big cage is used for doing it?

Playing football?It sounds very fun, but this cage is not very good looking.

“Some people who saw cage football for the first time said that a bare iron cage was rusty and it was not very beautiful when it was closed. “Now, we are trying to reform the cage, maybeOther materials will be used in the future.

At that time, using wire, Ding Longfa was only to save costs.

  However, once someone is playing inside, the viewing is still quite big. Some girls who like football but don’t like “barbaric sports” can also sit outside the cage and enjoy a game of anti-attack conversion of football, the most importantYes, don’t be afraid to be caught by football.

“So, we didn’t completely close the cage, didn’t cover the roof, and didn’t block the fence around it, just to keep it ornamental.

Ding Longfa said.

On the 15th of next month, the National Sports Bureau Directors’ Meeting will be held in Shanghai. At that time, everyone will discuss the promotion of cage football. Later, in various places in Shanghai, you can see cage football, even under the elevated, passing through.The driver has to be “cautious”, don’t be attracted by the fierce scene in the cage and forget to drive.

  Commerciality “After all, we have not considered the commercial side, it is the crowd sports itself, it is serving the people.

“Wang Jiaxuan said that once promoted, the cost of making cages will be borne by the Shanghai Municipal Sports Bureau and will not be profitable.

  In the middle of this month, Liu Peng, the director of the State Sports General Administration, also visited cage football when he came to Shanghai, and pointed out that he said that he would promote it nationwide.