NS146chapter:Everything is watching

NS146chapter:Everything is watching
“Oh!”Li Yina will look more and more seriously,Elegant phoenix,Don’t read it deeply, Lan Xin’s smart face。
A lady who just came over,Heard this,It’s quite surprised to watch Blue Xin.。
Especially Gu Ai’an,Under the heart,Looking at Li Yina’s look,It seems that I want to collect Blue Xin to make an apprentice。
Can make Li Ya’s apprentice,That is the blessing of eight generations,The jealous jealous of her heart is going to suppress the outbreak.。
When she came to college,I have passed the news of Li Yina to collect the apprentice.,But the past has passed,She still did not find the right disciple。
She is also learning clothing design,first,Can help your company,Two,She also thought of becoming Li Yina’s apprentice,As a result,She will be high in the status of Gujia.。
Tonight’s banquet,Li Yina will come,She didn’t think of it all.。
And Lu Hao Cheng introduced to Blue Xin.,Don’t introduce this quasi-missing wife know,Really gas!
“Anan,go,past,Mother takes you anddareneGuess!”Lady seedareneEye,Know,She wants to collect Blue Xin as the person。
But she won’t let a woman who grabs her daughter man.。
“it is good!Mother!”Gu An An instantly happy。
Mother is in the rich wife of the upper class,A certain position,What she said,No a few people can refuse。
“Blue Xin Miss,Have the opportunity,Take me your work,Tianqi introduced people,Can’t miss!”
Gu Mrs took Gu Ai’an to Li Yina.,Just listening to this sentence。
She is with Gu Ai’an,Squeeze from Lan Xin,Squeeze Blue Xin to them。
Lu Hao Cheng,Eyebrows。
Li Yina and Yi Tianqi look at,Faces have a few more difficult。
But it is Blue Xin,I stand in a face。
Gu wife turned,Looking at it, I looked at Blue Xin.,Turn your eyes again to Li Yina,Laugh, you will be graceful:“darene,have not seen you for a long time!”
Li Yina looked at the lady,Her girl laughs:“Mrs. Gu,have not seen you for a long time!”
“This is Anan,my daughter,Also designer graduation,Anan has always admireddareneWorks,If you can become your apprentice,She will be happy to sleep a few nights.。”Lady laughed,I also saw a gentle and quiet Gu Anan.,Smile happier!
Gu Anan in any scene,Will not give her face。
“Row,It is empty,Let Anan look at her work.,If I like it,Nature will receive apprentice。”Li Yina’s words,Also said very guest,Everything is watching。
“it is good,it is good!Anan,Hand your work you prepare for your work tomorrowdarenehave a look。”Nu people listen,Tone excitement。
She believes in Anan’s works,Never not be poor than Blue Xin。
“it is good!thanksdareneteacher!”Gu An’an smile,Generous,Light and soft,A white dress,It is also highlighting her elegant and noble temperament.。
Yi Tianqi looked at Blue Xin, who was standing behind Gu Ai’an,Quite a few points in the bottom of my heart,It’s even more distressed.。
This little girl,Kindly,Adapt oneself,Don’t fight,now,This mother is bullied.。
but,Have him Yi Tianqi,Never let people go to her head。
NS147chapter:Then, Miss Anan and Lanxin compete in each other.

NS147chapter:Then, Miss Anan and Lanxin compete in each other.
Harmony is angry:“Blue,tomorrow,Give your work toodarenehave a look,She is also known for her mother.,Your mother is in design,Her design clothes,It is also sought after by the young generation.?dareneI still her back.?”
Blue Xinyi,Surprisingly watching Yi Tianqi,Mom has never told her.。
She laughed at Yi Tianqi guilty.:“Uncle,I am too busy recently.,No new work yet。”