“Shunzi said,Everyone left because they felt that E-Sports was too good in the Glory Gun project,The food person can only play with the food person,Who joins,Who is looking for abuse……”President Feng Xichuandao。

“What about the college competition next week??Such a good performance opportunity,We can’t give up easily!”Zhang Songdao。
“You know,Shooting games,I can’t play for too long,exceed30I’ll vomit in minutes……”Feng Xichuan said helplessly。
Zhang Song’s mind,I immediately recalled that the president made the most vomiting sound in the game voice,He is a natural pair3DVertigo。
“and so,We desperately need to recruit,I think Anna Cao of the school basketball team is a rare talent,ZType breakthroughs and high-altitude volleys are not operations that anyone can perform,The key is that she has a good understanding,You can quickly master basic operations overnight,I think Shunzi is not necessarily her opponent right now!”
“having said so much,Do you think she will join our e-sports club?”Feng Xichuan asked。
“I told her that day,Although there is no clear answer,But I think she has started to like this game,Because she was too reluctant to admit defeat!”Zhang Songdao。
“you、I、Straight……But even if you add her,The number is still a bit thin,There are no other players who can do well among the new freshmen?”Feng Xichuan lit a cigarette,Took a deep breath,Sigh:“This is the last year I played in e-sports competitions,I really don’t want to leave regrets,At least so that we can gather the main number of people?”
Zhang Song glanced at the president who turned into a melancholy middle-aged man,Thought for a while,Speak slowly:“great people,Actually also,It’s the person who duel with me in the Internet cafe last time,But I spent a day saying good things,He doesn’t want to join,Didn’t even think about it……”
“Is this person so arrogant??Can’t you sacrifice for the e-sports club??You can even sacrifice hue if necessary……You are so poor,How can I rest assured of entrusting you with the burden of the president??”Feng Xichuan spit out smoke rings,Follow the tone of the leader’s speech。
“President,I failed your high hopes,I decided to go to La Meng Xinjin Agency now!”Zhang Song’s eyes revealed the fearlessness of the revolution。
“It’s almost,Cao Anna and that so so so……You have to fight for these two people!”Feng Xichuan said with expectation。
“President, please rest assured!Everything is on my little whirlwind!but……Can you give me a grant first……The money from my last Internet cafe has not been settled……”Zhang Song tentatively said。
“No!I am poor because I have this pack of instant noodles!”Feng Xichuan said bitterly。
“I’ll go to the hospital to visit Miss Cao Anna and not bring something?You are too lost from the e-sports club.?!”Zhang Song said loudly。
“Got it……I’ll give you this pack of instant noodles……Go back soon……”Feng Xichuan handed the instant noodles to Zhang Song。