Marubeni (603983), Bank of Suzhou (002966), CITIC Publishing (300788), Dashengda (603687), and new stock offline subscription inquiry report

Marubeni (603983), Bank of Suzhou (002966), CITIC Publishing (300788), Dashengda (603687), and new stock offline subscription inquiry report


SH Dashengda Co., Ltd. is a large packaging company that mainly produces corrugated cardboard, cartons, and color printing and packaging under the Shengda Group. Its predecessor was Xiaoshan Packaging Materials Factory, which was established in 2000 with 2,000 yuan., Constantly reform and innovate, promote the development of enterprises with emerging and high-quality talents, and become a large enterprise group with total assets of more than one billion US dollars today.

On October 15, 2000, the company was approved by the State Economic and Trade Commission and China Packaging Federation to be a national-level “China paper packaging development and production base”, and it is the country’s largest paper packaging enterprise.

The company’s revenue from 2016 to 2018 was 10.

8.4 billion, 12.

1 billion, 12.

8.5 billion, net profit is 0.

4.9 billion, 1.

6.4 billion, 1.

41 trillion, the compound growth rate of operating income and net profit in the three years were 8 respectively.

89% and 70.


In 2018, the company’s comprehensive gross profit margin was 20.

58%, with a net interest rate of 10.



SZ CITIC Publishing CITIC Publishing House was established in 1988. It is the first domestic publishing company established by an enterprise-CITIC Group Corporation.

After nearly 20 years of construction, CITIC Publishing House has become a leading domestic brand publishing house.

Especially since 2001, CITIC Publishing House has developed rapidly. Through the introduction of a large number of international copyrighted books, it has dug deeper into local creative resources and devoted itself to creating an advanced enterprise platform and an excellent publishing brand.

From “We provide knowledge and skills to cope with the changing world” to “Business ideas change the business world”, and promote the promotion of books with ideas, we have successively launched “Everlasting Foundation”, “From Excellent to Excellence”, “Win”, “”Transformation”, “Search”, “Fidelity”, “Long Tail Theory” and other forward-looking theories, classic business management books.

At the same time, CITIC Publishing House has continued to pay attention to the development of China’s economy. With the continuous publication “Comparison” of economics as its core, it has gathered top economists at home and abroad, and focused on the eyes of economists to explore the key issues of China’s economic development;Take “Thirty Years of Turbulence” (volume one and two) as a representative, and pay attention to the profound impact of social changes on the country, nation, and individuals, and bring a deeper level of authority and social responsibility to the brands published by CITIC.

In addition to the existing financial books, CITIC Publishing House is paying more and more attention to people’s growing culture and living needs, brand extensions to cultural and lifestyle books, and continuously launching “Progress in Civilization” and “Women’s Books” seriesbooks.

The company’s revenue for 2016-2018 was 9.

7.7 billion, 12.

7.1 billion, 16.

3.4 billion, net profit was 1.

2.6 billion, 1.

8.1 billion, 2.

07 million yuan, the compound growth rate of operating income and net profit in the three years were 29.

33% and 27.


The company’s comprehensive gross profit margin was 40 in 2018.

57%, net interest rate 12.



SH Marubei Marubi Marumi, with elegance as the table, dream as the heart, value as the core, select the best essence in the cultural heritage of the world, and cast this modern, oriental, world-class light luxury brand.

In 2000, the Chinese skin care market was still in its infancy. Marumi has imported high-quality raw materials and formulas from abroad through two-way cooperation, and hired top advertising companies to build its brand image. The high-end brand image can be realized from the beginning.

In 2008, Marubeni’s elastin eye serum opened the wave of “bouncing bullets and flinging crow’s feet” in the history of Marubeni’s brand, becoming the consumer’s preferred eye cream and the most successful product of Marubeni.
In 2012, Marubei also launched a series of “eye care master” series of 5 eye products at the same time, day and night, symptomatic care, pushing eye care to a new technological level.

The Marubei Skin Research Center has discovered an “aging model, column type aging, and crystal type aging” of the skin, and has developed a series of products to combat aging.

After Maru firmly embraced the position of the No. 1 brand of eye care, it began to extend the whole field of skin care.

In 2014, Marubeni invested heavily in establishing the world’s largest eye and skin research center, bringing together Chinese, Japanese, French, and American professional scientists and global advanced research and development equipment, investing millions of dollars in research and development every year, and contributing to the beauty of the world.World-class excellent products.
The company’s revenue from 2016 to 2018 was 12.

08 thousand yuan, 13.

5.2 billion, 15.

76 ppm, net profit is 2 respectively.

3.2 billion, 3.

1.2 billion, 4.

At 1.5 billion US dollars, the compound growth rates of operating income and net profit in the three years were 14 respectively.

21% and 33.


The company’s comprehensive gross profit margin was 68 in 2018.

34%, net interest rate 26.



SZ Bank of Suzhou is the only city commercial bank in Suzhou with independent legal personality. Its business mainly includes corporate business, personal business, treasury business and others. Corporate business is one of the bank’s important pillar businesses, and it is rich and flexible in corporate financial services.Product and competitive marketing methods and high-quality and efficient service support are important features of the Bank’s corporate business. The Bank provides services to customers through traditional banking networks and electronic banking channels. Among them, electronic 武汉夜生活网 banking channels include self-service banking (ATM,CRS and other automatic service equipment), online banking, telephone banking and mobile banking, the Bank’s business line innovation and landing in Soke Loan, Credit Guarantee Loan, Photovoltaic Loan, Sanbantong, Plant Link, Technology Achievement Transformation Loan, Splendid MeltingProducts such as classified products are pledged for collections, and products such as domestic factoring have been upgraded.

The Bank’s corporate business adheres to the medium-term development strategy of “based on Suzhou, facing Jiangsu, and radiating the Yangtze River Delta”, focusing on the market positioning of “serving small and medium-sized enterprises, serving citizens, and serving regional economic and social development”.”Technology and finance” and other areas of intensive cultivation, and strive to create shareholders, customer 佛山桑拿网 satisfaction, regulatory authorities assured, innovative and active, good efficiency, distinctive characteristics of brand-influential banks.

The company’s revenue for 2016-2018 was 70.

07 billion, 68.

9.9 billion, 77.

3.7 billion, net profit was 19.

5 billion, 21.

1 billion, 22.

42 trillion, the compound growth rate of operating income and net profit in the three years were 5 respectively.

08% and 7.

twenty four%.

The company’s consolidated gross profit margin in 2018 was 34.

54%, net interest rate is 29.