Wiping face with loofah juice in the morning can delay skin aging and treat acne


Wiping face with loofah juice in the morning can delay skin aging and treat acne

Loofah is not only delicious, but also a natural beauty product.

According to Japan’s “Daily News” report, there is a female writer named Hirabayashi Hideko in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. Although she is over 80, her face is still ruddy and smooth. The secret is to wipe her face with loofah juice every morning for decadesNever stop.

  ”The main reason why loofah has such a magical cosmetic effect is that it has the characteristics of clearing heat and phlegm, cooling blood and detoxifying.

“In an interview with” Life Times “reporter, Qu Jianhua, chief physician of dermatology at Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, Capital Medical University, said that loofah is rich in vitamins B and C.

Vitamin C is a very active antioxidant that can inhibit the formation of melanin in the body, not only can freckle, but also prevent the formation of age spots, delay skin aging, and it is also very effective in treating acne.

  ”You can squeeze the loofah directly and wipe the face with the juice; you can also dry it, grind it into powder, and apply it on the face with water.

Qu Jianhua said, you can also squeeze a loofah into juice, pour an appropriate amount into warm water, and wash your face with it to become delicate and shiny skin.Apply on face and wrinkles. Long-term use can reduce wrinkles.

  You can also make different masks, the specific method is as follows: sunscreen mask: squeeze 1 loofah juice, take an appropriate amount of ice milk and honey to make a paste, apply to tuberculosis and neck, wash after 15-20 minutes.
  Whitening mask: first squeeze half a loofah and half a lemon, then add the juice to an appropriate amount of milk, apply it on the face, and wash it with water after 10-15 minutes.