24-hour heavy rain warning accuracy will be raised to 92%

  This newspaper Beijing December 2 (Reporter Li Hongmei) Recently, "National Meteorological Development" 14th "Planning" issued, proposed to 2025, realizing key core technology independent controllable, monitoring precision, precision, fine service Further improvement, meteorological protection is safe, production and development, rich life, and has a significant increase in ecological good level.

  According to Cao Weixing, China Meteorological Bureau’s plan and Finance Division, "14th Five-Year Plan" period, my country’s 24-hour hurriculum forecast accuracy will increase from% to 90%, 24-hour heavy rain warning signal accuracy will increase from 89% to 92% The 24-hour typhoon path forecast error will be reduced from 70 kilometers to 65 kilometers. Strong convection weather warning advances will be advanced from 38 minutes to 45 minutes, and the global numerical weather forecast can be extended from the day.

  For extreme weather, the Chinese Meteorological Bureau emergency disaster reduction and public service division Wang Zhihua said, "14th Five-Year Plan" period, will form a disaster-stricken, subregion, minute, and points, meteorological disaster monitoring and early warning capabilities It is realized that the first time will quickly send the warning information to users that may be affected by disasters.

Completion of national meteorological disaster risk census and zoning, promote the establishment of a rapid response and efficient linkage mechanism for the establishment of meteorological disaster warning information as the pilot. "Plan" proposed, will develop advanced observation technology equipment such as weather radar, meteorological satellite, promote land sea air day, develop precision meteorological monitoring.

The national weather radar network composed of 224 new generation weather radar is officially put into operation, basically satisfies a large-scale meteorological disaster defense and Dajiang Dahe flood control and disaster reduction monitoring. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, it plans to add 49 new generation weather radar. In the local sudden medium and small-scale meteorological disaster, the plan will replenish the construction of 336 X-band weather radar, which constitutes a high-tech radar high-density synergistic observation network.

The ability of future meteorological sectors to medium and small scale weather forecasts will greatly improve.

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