Fang Fang shook his head and said:“All right,It’s complicated,Don’t ask”Fang Fang finished,Took out the phone,Called a sister and said she drank too much,Let people take her home。

Hang up the phone,Fang Fang smiled at Xia Jian:“Sorry buddy,Bad mood tonight,A little too much。Please do not mind that,I’ll sleep for a while”Fang Fang said,Lay on the table。
“what’s wrong with you,Treat me as a transparent body。Can’t I do the thing to send you home?”Xia Jian said very upset。
Fang Fang, who was lying on the table, said weakly:“Gender distinction,You send me back,My dad saw me drinking like this,Must kill me”Fang Fang finished saying this,Fell asleep。
Fortunately, her female colleague came quickly。Xia Jian seized this opportunity,So he asked her why Fang Fang was on holiday。Fang Fang’s female colleague saw Fang Fang and Xia Jian eating together,She is convinced that Xia Jian is Fang Fang’s best friend,So the story of the matter,I told Xia Jian everything。
It turned out that Fang Fang was performing a mission,A group of social gangsters were found beating a middle-aged man,Came forward to stop,Unexpectedly, this group of people who took the lead rushed towards Fang Fang very arrogantly,Because this guy still has half a steel pipe in his hand,In a hurry,Fang Fang shot this man。
The gun passed this man’s thigh,Although it was bleeding,But the problem is not too big。All this group was arrested soon,But here comes the problem,The man who was shot turned out to be Chen Bing, the son of the deputy procurator of the city’s procuratorate.。
Chen Bing dropped out of school for many years,Have been traveling in society。By his father’s power,He did a lot of bad things,When Fang Fang caught him,He is leading someone to blackmail a restaurant owner。
But here comes the problem,Under the activities of Chen Bing’s father,The owner of this restaurant does not admit that Chen Bing blackmailed him,They just fight because of a small matter。Thus,Chen Bing and the others accused Fang Fang as a policeman,Without firing a warning shot first,But shoot directly。
What makes the popular is,This group was released after only a few days,Fang Fang was put on holiday,Let her go home to reflect。
Xia Jian got angry right away,He asked coldly:“You can’t control Chen Bing?”
“I can’t control,If there is insufficient evidence to convict him,I caught it for nothing,Catch him today,Tomorrow he will come out to make trouble again”Fang Fang’s female colleague said helplessly and shook her head。
Xia Jian thought for a while and asked:”Where can Chen Bing find him?“
“No need to find,He is on International One tonight,This is his photo“Fang Fang’s female colleague said,Opened her phone,A picture of a man was retrieved from it。
Xia Jian remembered this person with just a glance,He smiled at Fang Fang’s female colleague:“Fang Fang will leave it to you,I have something to go“
“Don’t go!You have to carry her downstairs“Fang Fang’s female colleague said,He pulled up Fang Fang, who was sleeping soundly on the table。Fang Fang was talking nonsense,People couldn’t help but lay on the back of Xia Jian who was squatting beside her。