That night,Hundreds of wolves attacked the small county,The imperial army can’t help。

his parents、Classmate,All died in the mouth of the demon wolf。16kChinese
For revenge,In order to release the pain in my heart,He saves everything,Seek a chance。
Obsession is a devil,Also motivation。
Haircut for a monk,Take an oath,Let him have extremely strong power。
His blood knife,Can easily kill powerful practitioners。
Hard work,He killed the demon wolf clan,But found that the demon wolf was only driven,But behind the scenes is the dispute in the court。
Without hesitation,Hatred has long become his obsession。
Blood stained hands,Dao Zhan Chao Tang!
Ministers fighting for power,Prince,Even high above,Ordinary cultivators have to bow their heads。
All one swordsman!
Head rolling,When he stopped fighting,But it’s already enemies all over the world。
A night of blood rain,He was besieged by a large number of practitioners,Desperately,Lonely on the side of the road,There is a smile on the corner of the mouth,As if back to the county town when I was young,Classmate invited him to the theatre,And mother made his favorite fish soup,Father nagging to tell him the importance of reading。