The new fund sold 800 billion equity funds in the first September of this year

The new fund sold 800 billion equity funds in the first September of this year

China Fund News reporter Liu Fen’s fund release data for the first three quarters of 2019 has been finalized.

Wind statistics show that the new fundraising in the first three quarters of this year reached 8043.

9.5 billion yuan, of which the newly launched fund market in September reproduced the hot initial stage.

As of press time, the scale of new fundraising in September reached 1,719.

USD 8.2 billion has become the month with the largest fund issuance during the year, second only to November 2016 in the past three years.

  In September, the fund’s issuance scale reached 172 billion pounds. According to statistics, the release of the publication was terminated, and the new fund issuance scale reached 8043 in the first three quarters of this year.

US $ 9.5 billion, with 744 newly established funds; of these, 118 new funds were established in September, with a total of 1719 newly issued funds.

With 8.2 billion copies, September has become the month with the largest fund issuance in the year, and it is second only to November 2016 in the past three years. At that time, the fundraising scale for that month reached 1768.

78 billion copies.

  Looking specifically at the fundraising of equity funds, the scale of the first fundraising of equity funds increased significantly in September.

The reporter calculated according to wind statistics that the issue size of stock funds in September reached 203.

3.4 billion, an increase of 286 in August from the previous month.

87%, the scale of equity fund raising in August was 52.

5.6 billion yuan.

In terms of hybrid funds, the scale of fundraising in September reached 374.

5.5 billion yuan, an increase of 364 over the previous 8 months.

41%, in August the scale of hybrid fundraising was 80.

65 billion copies.

  Most of the “explosion funds” equity funds are also a highlight of the fund issuance market in September. In September, there were nine active equity funds that raised more than 1 billion yuan. Among them, the first equity funds that raised more than 3 billion US dollars continued to appear.The value-added growth of Harvest is mixed with the opening of the fund by Huaxia Changyang for three years. The initial size of the Minsheng and Banking Continuous Growth Hybrid Fund is 59.

15 billion, 32.

35 billion, 40.

98 billion.

  One point is that since this year, the market structure has gradually changed, and the stock trend has been greatly differentiated. Especially under the background of continuous expansion of the layout, the market as a whole is more value-oriented, pursuing high-quality stocks, and highlighting certainty opportunities.

In this context, investors are enthusiastic about the layout of equity funds.

In the final press release, the reporter found that according to public statistics, in the first three quarters of this year, there were 27 active equity funds with a scale of over 1 billion yuan, of which 9 funds with a scale of over 3 billion were first raised.

  Multi-factors catalyze the rise in the issuance of equity funds. Regarding the improvement in the sales of equity funds, several funds pointed out that market risk shifts, property market diversion investment funds and other factors have contributed to the sales of equity funds. Some people also pointed out the end of the quarter.It is also a catalyst for the hot issue of funds in September. The new fund issue battle in the fourth quarter will be more intense.

  Zuo Haibo, Managing Director of the Marketing Center of Zhongrong Fund, said that there are four main reasons for the improvement in the sales of equity funds: First, the fund’s overall profitability has been outstanding since this year, and its absolute returns have been outstanding.

A large number of equity funds rose by more than 50%, attracting new people to enter the market and old people to increase their positions.

Second, the performance of equity funds relative to the overall stock market since this year, relative returns are obvious.

Since the beginning of this year, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Index has risen by 20%, while the average gains of stock funds and partial stock hybrid funds have increased by about 37% and 36%.

In the context of the registration system, the elite of individual stock pickers is growing.

The argument that stocks are not as good as buying funds has been accepted by more and more investors, who have switched from their own stocks to buying stocks through investment funds.

  Third, under the pressure of “no housing and speculation” policy, the actual price rise is expected to be suppressed, leading to some investment in real estate or real estate trust funds to seek opportunities for diversified investment, and partly through public equity funds into the stock market.

Fourth, the current global financial markets are in the interest rate cut channel, the 都市夜网 risk-free rate of return has fallen, and investors’ risk appetite has improved.

Along with the decline in bank interest rates and financial product yields, stock funds with fairly high yields have become the type that ordinary people are willing to gradually deploy.

  Market participants in a large public offering in South China believe that one of the factors that led to the warming up of fund issuance in September was related to the ranking at the end of the third quarter.

In addition, the decisive battle for new fund issuance in 2019 has begun. On September 27, at least 16 new funds in the market issued a prospectus, and the end date of some fundraising has been scheduled to 2020.The war will be more intense.

  Zuo Haibo expert, although the equity fund raising is hot and the scale has hit record highs, he also 深圳桑拿网 noticed that the public fund is very differentiated.Only by putting the interests of investors first and doing a good job in investment and channel services can we achieve stable scale growth in an increasingly large market.