Improve tinnitus symptoms

Improve tinnitus symptoms

The standard of living is improved, medical conditions are improved, and the average life expectancy of human beings is extended.

Of course, this is just to say that the length of life has been extended, the quality is still, or it is the health.

Sixty ears, seventy years old, tinnitus, insomnia, joint pain, constipation and other common symptoms have quietly become the norm of life, when people are suffering, what should I do?

  With these questions, the reporter visited the sports medicine experts of the Guangzhou Institute of Sports Science to explain the above phenomenon from a professional perspective, and at the same time achieve self-government and prevention through physical therapy such as self-massage.

  In general, tinnitus is one of the common complications of the elderly.

  Sports medicine experts believe that tinnitus is a complication that most older people suffer.

In addition to medical treatment, the following massage techniques can be assisted to promote blood circulation in the ear and stimulate the auditory nerve, which is beneficial for alleviating symptoms and relieving the condition.


Before and after the ear.

The specific method is to separate the hands on the roots of the ears, the forefinger and the middle finger are placed separately before and after the ear, the middle finger is in front of the ear, and the index finger is behind the ear.

Then start from the earlobe, hold the ear up and push it, pay attention to a certain amount of force, and close to the auricle until the tip of the ear.

This way back and forth, 50 times a day.

Because before and after the auricle of the human body, especially in front of the ear, there are ear points, listening to the palace, listening to the important points, such as the bifurcation, can clear the meridians of the meridians, to achieve the purpose of clearing the ears.


Point the windy hole.

The hurricane hole is located in the depression behind the earlobe.

When you massage, you can point your hands at the head.

The tip of the thumb is pressed against the hurricane, and the other four fingers are scattered over the ear to provide a stabilizing effect.

The thumb then presses the depression forcefully until it feels sore.

This way you can tap several times a day or you can click for 3 minutes.

For refreshing, eyesight, and preventing headaches have a good effect.


Mingtian drum.

Mingtian drum is a characteristic method of Chinese medicine massage. The specific operation is to first force the palms of each hand to make a certain displacement of the palm, then press the palms of the two ears, the palms are aligned with the ear canal, and the four fingers are smashed.20 times, consciously have a “squeaky” sound, can prevent ear disease and improve hearing.

In the middle, you can use the thumb on the back to add a few points to the wind pool.

The wind pool is located in the posterior retina, in the depression below the posterior skull, flush with the earlobe.

  It is a common phenomenon, but it is not unimprovable. You can improve your sleep by the following methods.


Head massage.

Massage the Yintang point (the midpoint of the two brows) from the bottom to the top of the middle finger, and massage the eyebrows and temples along the eyebrows.


Ear massage.

With both hands and thumb, the index finger gradually massages from top to bottom, then rubs both sides of the earlobe to red.


Abdominal massage.

Take the supine position before going to sleep, heat your hands, press the abdomen clockwise and counterclockwise, in addition to the sleeping effect, there are spleen and stomach digestion.


First class massage.Massage the ear with the index finger to swell the sputum hole next to the mastoid, and take the neck item to take the pressure.


Foot massage.

After washing your feet at night, press your thumb to press the heart of the Yongquan point (the bottom of the foot, the first 1/3 and the rear 2/3 junction depression), each time to feel the slight pain and pain, it can drive out insomnia,Have a strong kidney to regulate liver and sleep.