Under the disappointment of Liao Wenjie,Paper crayon thrown by the bell white,叽 叽 上。
“Can you find it??”
“no way,Either time too long,Pocket owner’s breath is exhausted,Either it is too far away,Can’t induce each other。”Zhongfa shook his head,Backward:“If it is really important,I can ask the master’s manager’s mana.,try again。”
“Not,For this little thing, please ask the ancestors to help,Don’t take care of you。”
Liao Wenjie shakes his head,Forgiveness, he can’t stand,Zhongfa Baoli please the manager’s manager’s manager,The degree is also general level,Deconsive:“So good,Do you teach this?,Hampeless,I am going to find myself.。”
I always feel that this is the purpose of Liao Wenjie.,Find someone is a fake,馋 His teachers are true。
Formerly,I will not pay the secret of the teacher.,Now……
It is difficult to say,He has fallen,Since the first time the company’s first dividend account,Take the charm of money,He took a deep friendship with money.。
In turn, in turn,What do you say?,Just can’t provoke him and the emotions。
Search people,Liao Wenjie found that this spell does not seem to be very difficult,Compare‘Ametric’Far away,The threshold is not in qualification,It is that the monitors of the monorant。
interesting,Try tonight。
Think,The meeting room is pushed away by a black Lyon,He is sitting on a chair,Bind,Into snoring directly。
“Wake up,Calling you is not letting you sleep……wrong,How did you come so fast??”
“I am in the next shopping mall.Patbuying clothes,Receive your phone……”
“Waiting first,You will take time to buy clothes with women.?”Liao Wenjie widened,In his impression,Lyon belongs to the slag male,I will never spend a job.。
What to buy clothes,Uncommitte!
“Um,There are many clothes in the store.,The locker room is also very spacious enough。”Lyon pushed pickers,Laughing like a person。
Liao Wenjie turned over white eyes,Hand a pocket watch:“Help me find the owner of this pocket watch,I have died for more than ten years.,Now, I don’t know where to float.。”
“Say,Grasp, I am most touched.。”
Lyon took a pocket watch,Pull down the sunglasses to start the bucket,After a moment,He frowned his head。
“what happened,Can’t find?”
“That is not,The above breath is too chaos,I don’t know which one you are looking for.。”Lyon said。
“how to say,A few breaths?”
Liao Wenjie is overjoyed,It is the most optimistic toolman,Working is reliable。
“Four,Three gathered together,Another……A little far away,Do not,Far away。”
Lyon four times,Did not find a globe in the meeting room,Decisively open the carry-on suitcase,After a burst of the box,Take out a crumpled world map。
“Three breaths in neon,There is still a breath,Should be near this。”
Lyon stamped on the map,Fingertip surround,Draw a lot of not a circle。
“Africa……North……This is too blurred.,Can you detail again??”
“Ager,The situation is clear,I am human,Not a fairy!”
Your neuropathy,I actually feel that I am a person.?x2
Chapter 317 Everyone is very busy.
Five p.m,Companies to pay off work,Liao Wenjie took half an hour in the office,Calculate time,Tang Judi should have gone,Take the elevator to rush to 36 layers。
Push the door to the assistant office,In the sight,It is the hands of Tang Judi pressure.,Press it on the wall。
Liao Wenjie:(?﹃?)?