Decoration pollution can be used for plant management

Decoration pollution can be used for “plant management”

Experts pointed out that the home environment is contaminated by home decoration, which may induce blood system diseases.
For the indoor environmental pollution caused by home decoration, “plant management” can be carried out.
  According to the Department of Hematology, Chongqing Xinqiao Hospital, Third Military Medical University, 40% of all patients with blood diseases admitted to them in recent years have had a home decoration experience within two years.
  Medical research has proven that environmental pollution has become the main cause of leukemia.
In the indoor environmental pollution caused by home decoration, children are more vulnerable than adults, may induce blood system diseases, increase the incidence of asthma, leading to lead poisoning.
  Chen Xinghua, director of the hematology department of this hospital, said that indoor environmental pollution should be controlled by professional technology and perfect equipment to make indoor formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia and other harmful substances within the national standards.
In addition, “plant management” is also a good way to control indoor environmental pollution.
He said that plants can purify indoor air, regulate humidity, and beautify the environment.
According to the indoor environment after renovation, it is recommended that people choose plants such as ivy, green radish, ingot tree, rich tree, black beauty, African jasmine, peacock bamboo stalk, and sage, which can effectively remove harmful substances in indoor air.