You never know the medicinal effect of kiwi?

You never know the medicinal effect of kiwi?

Kiwifruit has a lot of precipitated fiber content, and eating it has a good effect on preventing constipation.

The rich proteolytic enzymes in kiwi can also remove harmful substances from the body. In addition to preventing and treating constipation, it can also prevent diseases such as colon cancer and arteriosclerosis.

  The medicinal effect of kiwi fruit1. It can prevent cancer. It has been proved that kiwi fruit contains a kind of anti-mutant glutathione, which is beneficial for inhibiting mutations that induce oncogenes.

  2. Whitening, pale spots, acne removal, detoxification and anti-aging. The average vitamin C content per 500g of red heart kiwi is as high as 168.

9 mg, known as the king of fruits.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E can beautiful skin, anti-oxidation, effectively whiten, eliminate freckles and acne, and enhance the skin’s anti-aging ability.

  3. Weight loss and bodybuilding. Kiwi fruit has low sugar content and is one of the most nutritious and comprehensive fruits.

One can obtain the most balanced nutrition from kiwi, melon, papaya, and lemon fruit conversion.

  4. For the treatment of oral ulcers, kiwi pulp is rich in trace elements of VC and VB, which has a natural medicinal effect on the prevention of oral ulcers.

  5, prevention, prevention of constipation, colon cancer and arteriosclerosis, red heart kiwi contains metabolized fiber and oligosaccharides, proteolytic enzymes.

It can quickly remove harmful metabolites accumulated in the body, prevent and prevent constipation, implantation of colon cancer and arteriosclerosis.

  6, to prevent depression, kiwi fruit contains inositol, which is a precursor of the second messenger system in the cell.

Effective in preventing depression.

  7, prevention of eye disease (cataract), more and more adults with cataracts, phytochemical constituents of kiwi fruit, lutein, lutein can accumulate on the human retina.

  Buying guide for kiwi fruit When choosing kiwi fruit, you should pay attention to picking the fruit with complete surface without any defects.

The flesh of the cooked kiwi will be soft and tender, and it will sag a little by pressing it with your fingers.

Any damaged fruit that is too soft or has scratches or cracks on the surface will have a much worse taste than normal fruits.

In addition, the size of the fruit is expected to have no effect at all.

  How kiwis are stored Kiwis are ripe before they are picked, but still slightly hard.

The kiwi fruit will become more sweet and delicious if it is matured at room temperature.

Place the kiwi fruit at room temperature until the fruit is almost ripe when it is gently inserted with its fingers and its surface is slightly sunken.

  To speed up the kiwi ripening process, you can put them in a paper bag alone or put an apple or a banana together in a paper bag to speed up their ripening.

Generally, mature kiwis can only be kept fresh in the refrigerator for a few days, but for immature kiwis, 2?
No problem for 3 weeks.