As the person in front of you finishes,Watching Wang Teng feels more funny。

Really don’t know?
obviously,This is absolutely impossible。
He must know something,This is Wang Teng’s first feeling。
but,In fact, strictly speaking,These things,It’s not what Wang Teng needs to care about。
But the more so,Actually here,Wang Teng felt more and more,These things,I’ll go back and talk later。
“it is good,I hope you better not be related to this。”
“Jiang Ya,let’s go。”
Wang Teng talked to him very domineeringly,Finished talking,Got up and walked outside。
See Wang Teng so,Jiang Ya also smiled。
Such a thing,How could Jiang Ya not see it??
But seeing here,Jiang Ya still didn’t forget to say to this side。
“Wang Teng,this matter,Not that simple。”
As Jiang Ya said,How could Wang Teng be unclear??
to be frank,It’s because I understand this in my heart,so now,When Wang Teng handles these things again,Actually deep inside,I am a little eager to try。
“I know,That guy just now,Already betrayed himself。”