Miyan Mingmei instantly awake,She certainly remembers,The last picture before the dream,This is the same smile like this devil,Remember,No matter how it doesn’t forget。

Why is this face hole in the horse?,Is it a nightmare??
It is difficult to say a heart,Miye Mingmei after a short and dramatic psychological activity,Glamorous,Directly。
“sister,elder sister。”
Gray original prretty,Catch the air in the air,In addition to loneliness,No more。
Be very embarrassed!
“Hahaha,Seeing her so excited,I have always had me in my heart.,Sorry。”
Liao Wenjie touched the Pakistan,Let the beauty turn over the eye+coma,This is not anyone who can easily。
“Your bastard,You,You……”
Gray lascover hands grip,Cry and swollen eyes are red,I can’t wait to kill Liao Wenjie on the spot.。
The sister who should die is still alive.,She is grateful to Liao Wenjie thanks.,said with no exaggeration,This kind of love is not reported,Don’t say that Liao Wenjie is only a request for a date.,Just about the gun,She will not refuse,But……
Several times of undulation,Clean up,She just wants to thank Liao Wenjie family。
By now,She finally understands,Why is Liao Wenjie each time,Conan is always a pair and hate,Biting the nail and winking the murderous case。
next time,When the next Conan is studying the secret room,Please be sure to call her together。
“calm,calm,Last time your sister saw my face,I am with the piano wine.,It is one of her murder.。”
Liao Wenjie one hand,Side licking:“Later, I took her home.,Direct implant new memory,Never explain what,So her deep memory is still in the moment of death.,I am scared by me very normal。”
“Do you like to be a bad person so??”
Conan speechless,Feel some ambiguous,Reissue language:“I mean,When you leave an impression on others,Always deliberately misleading,Do you like to be a bad person so??”
“Bad people do something well,Have a bad thing with good people,Even if only once,Will be unlimited by bystanders,Psychology,This is a cognitive disorder。”
Liao Wenjie is serious:“Always,She thought I was a bad person.,And heartfelt,But if I suddenly reverse the concept of good and evil,Under the huge drop,The emotions in her heart will quickly transform into a embarrassment,Thus,I am a little more,If you have no, you can come with her.。”
Gray, mourning, glance, Conan,Neuropathy,Nothing to ask this question what to do。
Conan speechless 躺 躺,I am in my heart.,really,What mouth is nothing more?,Is there a small toxic before?!
“okay,Your sister is slowly talking,I don’t bother with Conan.。”
Liao Wenjie holds the head of Conan,Take him in the direction of the book,Side:“Snow elder generation,Your sister is not smart,Don’t let her contact communication equipment,I don’t want to bring trouble to my concern.,If you can’t do it,Don’t blame me to clean up your trouble.。”
“I know,I won’t let her mess.。”
Cryogen is sad,Stickly,Wow in the palace of palace in the sleep。
The latter is surprising,Seeing Liao Wenjie took away Conan,Instantly recall the scene in the warehouse。At that time, Liao Wenjie is now behind Cuan.,Laughter,One-hand knife put it over。
Memory continues,She thought that Conan is about to suffer.,hastily……