Spring fever massage scraping can be emergency

Spring fever massage scraping can be emergency

Spring fever, massage, scraping, and emergency heat are mostly the body’s righteousness and external evil gas fighting, the body’s immunity occurs, under normal circumstances, no special treatment is required.

However, when high fever (body temperature above 39 °C), the human body environment imbalance, visceral dysfunction, especially children, the nervous system development is not perfect, prone to convulsions, need urgent treatment.

Here are a few commonly used acupuncture points, which are reasonably used and often have miraculous effects.

  The large vertebrae vertebrae are in the recess of the 7th cervical spine, which is the intersection of the Du Meridian and all the yang in the body. The Governor is the yang of the body, which is the common point for relieving fever.

In Dazhui, the blood is punctured with a triangular needle, and the effect of adding a cupping is better.

You can also do a large vertebrae massage, with the push of the spine, that is, the food, the middle two fingers or the palm root from the top down from the Dazhui point straight to the tailbone, about 100-300 times.

  Ten Xuan points are ten fingers, a total of 10.

Ten Xuanxue first-aid use, widespread spread of fever, epilepsy, convulsions in children.

When the fever is high, use a triangular needle to puncture the blood, and 3-5 drops of bleeding is appropriate.

  Quchi, Hegu, Waiguan points and elbows, the horizontal stripes are everywhere, that is, the inner edge of the upper iliac crest is the Quchi.

Hegu is commonly known as “Tiger’s mouth” and is in the depression between the first metacarpal and the second metacarpal.

Both Quchi and Hegu belong to the Hand Yangming Large Intestine, which can both clear the wind and clear the yang.

The outer gate takes two horizontal fingers up at the midpoint of the wristback.

Waiguan Point is one of the eight-pulse rendezvous, which is the key point for solving the fever.

Using the acupuncture points to puncture the three points, the body temperature can be lowered.

You can also massage these 3 points, and at the same time use the food. The middle finger is pushed up from the wrist to the elbow about 300 times.

  Scraping therapy Scraping therapy is one of the commonly used folk therapies, and it also has a miraculous effect on high fever.

The above acupoints can be replaced for scraping, or along the Du Meridian and bladder, the axillary fossa, and the elbow fossa can be selected from the top to the bottom, first light and then heavy, and scraped until the local skin appears purple-red.

  The above method is only suitable for emergency. To completely eliminate fever, the key is to treat the cause of the disease. It is best for the patient to go to the hospital first.