Anhui Province completed the phase of the new crown virus vaccination in advance

People’s Network Hefei June 29 (Zhou Kun) On June 29 After the goal (21.45 million), June 27:50, Anhui Province completed the second agent secondary vaccination target (2.107 million people) 3 days in advance. During the new crown vaccination, Anhui selection has to do a specialization of the national new crown virus vaccine production guarantee work and vaccine production enterprises, strengthen communication and coordination, and strive to expand the supply, ensure timely accurate supply, improve vaccine distribution and storage efficiency, ensure "Seedlings Match" "Miao Mining" "Pattern Match". At the same time, the Anhui Provincial Excidefish office sends the target notice to the "point-to-point" of each city, daily inoculation schedule, vaccination, vaccination, vaccination, vaccination, and other indicators and other indicators and other indicators, and issued daily scheduling points.

In addition, Anhui Province organized 16 supervisors to conduct special centralized resident supervision guidance for 16 municipalities, and timely help coordinate to solve out outstanding problems in various local vaccination. It is understood that the accumulated provision of new crown virus vaccination points in Anhui Province, 9803 inoculation tables, and a single day maximum vaccination capacity of 1.5 million.

At the same time, 8117 emergency personnel of the second-level medical institutions were arranged in Anhui Province, 1483 ambulances on-site values, and the incidence of suspected abnormal reactions reported in the province and abnormal response report incidence is lower than the national average. In response to the rainy and high temperature weather in most parts of Anhui Province, the Anhui Provincial Excidefish Office guides the advancement of advanced quantities, formulates an emergency plan, ensuring that the inoculation work continues to operate.

In addition, the inoculation target in the second half of the focus is focused, and the vaccination work will continue to be safe and orderly, and the immunization barrier in the whole population is constructed.

(Editor: Guan Fei, Zhang Lei).