Ruisi, Zhejiang: 2021 "Shuxiang Hangzhou" opened – the "temperature" hidden by the book in the city

  The spring breeze is ten miles, the book is fragrant. On April 23, it was the 26th World Studies Day, 2021 "Shuxiang Hangzhou" series of activities held in Fuyang District, Hangzhou. It is reported that "Xiangxiang Hangzhou" series activities integrate the "Hangzhou Learning Festival" "West Lake Reading Festival", "National Lifelong Learning Activity Week" three major studies and reading brand activities. "West Lake Reading Festival" has been held for 14th, from the initial annual activities to nearly 400 times, and nearly 10 million people participated in the reading festival, it became the most widely participated in Hangzhou, the longest span time One of the biggest learning reading activities.

  As the world’s first batch of UNESCO, the country’s first learning city, Hangzhou study, has been held in the 11th, and has effectively promoted the construction of all the people’s reading and learning cities.

  With the arrival of the World Reading Day, the recent netizens are more concerned about the topics of "Shuxiang Hangzhou". According to Xinhua Ruixi system analysis, in the past week, the network reports have changed over time, 04-23 is the peak period of information release, and the amount of information is 1486. In the distribution of netizens, emotional "silence" is the largest, followed by emotional "hi", accounting for%,%.

The hot words with higher frequency are: ranking, national, cultural, learning, spread. In Hangzhou, reading is "temperature". Here, not only can I smell the book, but also a warm library, but also feel warm, picking up the recipe, wandering the luggage.

"They are just a temporary residence and economic distress, does not mean that we can reject their pursuit of culture." Some netizens said. In the top ten reading cities announced not long ago, Hangzhou ranked second, this is the second consecutive year in Hangzhou, which continues to participate in the construction of the city, and highlights Hangzhou reading development status and back. As early as 2011, Hangzhou launched the "Some Opinions on Promoting the Construction of Learning Urban", "" "" "" "" "" Engineering Action Plan "," "Engineering Action Plan", "" Building the Organization, Strengthening the Organization, Carefully Design Carrier, and Implement the Guarantee.

  "Reading Festival, the study will play a positive role in reading, not only in reading, instructive and educating people, but also adapt to urban development concepts, adapt to urban development needs, integrate urban culture, help learning, innovative urban construction.

"The relevant person in charge of the book in Xiangfu" said that "Shuxiang Hangzhou" series is said. Digital Hangzhou is also committed to making reading more "smart". Not only the public reading is gradually reading, mobile reading and other modes Today, the library has also become more intelligent, so that the Hang Reader has achieved a "one button" borrowing.

Readers can choose books online, borrow books, and book, check, library becomes "home in the book". In addition, reading can not only "online", but also "off".

Take 2020 "Shuxiang Hangzhou" series as an example, "Online" is launched more than 960 more types of theme reading activities, and more than 86 million participants are involved in the event. Reading is in a silent way of a moisturic, integrating the life of more and more people, so that Hangzhou realizes the "full of city books". And this time, Hangzhou Fuyang, this has a strong "book roll".

Fuyang Xioli is incomparable to Fuchun River slowly flowing. Fuyang literati generation, Can Ruo Star. There was a famous poet Luo Yin, who was honored as "Yellow River Letter and Clarification Day, and later," said "said" said "Spring Breeze", "Spring Breeze", "Shen Yu" and other literary books, Yu Dafu, Mao Dun Literary award winner, Chinese spy battle novels’ father’s wheat family, etc. Ya Hui, Fuyang Literature, and Literary Creation Prosperity. Two years of Yu Dafu novel prizes are known for their participants in the country, folk reading clubs, and recloses, and ordinary events.

Fuyang novels, prose, poetry, etc.

  "I thought the most wonderful book, like the sun, let the black clouds make a rain, through the Qianqiu, Fuze generation.

"The writer Maijia once explained to the understanding of the book."

The book is full of people, and it is the appearance of "Human Paradise".

I look forward to this "Book Sweet Hangzhou" series of activities to make reading become a power, in this spring splendid season, add a great disaster.