“Ok,Very vivid,Very vivid。”Hua Yun nodded with a smile,Who said that if the culture is not high, there is no unique insight。If this guy reads more books,That must be incredible。

The phone rang,Xiaopan is calling,She found a garden-style apartment,Feels good,Just wait for Hua Yun to see it in person and place the deposit。
Hua Yun received the call,Suddenly I feel better,“Xiaopan found a house,Why don’t you go and see with me。”
Li Tianchou naturally nodded in agreement,This is the basic job of the attendant。
The house is not far from the company’s office,It’s less than ten minutes on foot。This is a very high-end garden apartment,20 stories high,Only two http://www.victoriafashion.cn units,And two households on one ladder,It can be seen that the house is very large。The security system is also perfect,Use the access control card to enter the household,And there are security patrols day and night,Such high-end houses are very rare in county towns。
Xiaopan’s landlord lives on the 16th floor,Very broad vision,Hua Yun is satisfied,Although the rent is a lot more expensive,But she doesn’t care,Approval on the spot to pay the deposit。The landlord is a lavish woman in her forties,Can afford such a house,Naturally the rich master,See Hua Yun refreshed,She is also unambiguous,Immediately indicated that you can move in immediately,Furniture is readily available,No deposit。
The landlord took the money and left,Just before leaving, he secretly glanced at Li Tianchou,Pouting,I dismissed Xiaopan’s description of the tenant as being single。
Li Tianchou naturally can’t fault the house,He grows up,This is the first time I have seen such a city mansion,Luxuriously decorated lobby,Three or four bright rooms,The balcony outside is big,There is a garden,It’s full of flowers and plants,A veritable sky garden。He smacked,The enjoyment of this rich person is really extraordinary。
According to Xiaopan,The apartment is also close to the single dormitory rented by the company,What made Li Tianchou regret was the key he got yesterday,But I haven’t seen what the dormitory looks like.。
The two accompanied Huayun to the office to take the luggage,I picked some more fruit、Drink before returning to the apartment,Xiaopan is very eye-sighted and starts to clean up after busy,Li Tianchou idly went to the garden on the balcony to see the scenery。
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Eight High altitude crisis
The design of the garden is very distinctive,Can be seen as an extension of the balcony as a whole,It’s just not closed。The garden platform surrounds the balcony in an irregular semi-arc shape,A steel carved railing with a height of about one meter and five is protected by the edge of the platform。
May be for beauty and transparency,The vertical column under the railing has a wide distance from the raw glass,Very safe。So watch carefully,Many people have welded steel bars。
The widest part of the platform is two meters deep,The narrowest one is half a meter,The layout of the upper and lower platforms is completely opposite,To ensure that each household can get sufficient daylight to the maximum extent。The open area of the garden is connected to the side door of the balcony,Have a flat walkway,The owner can take a walk from the balcony to the garden after a meal,Look up at the city,Bow your head to enjoy the flowers and plants,It’s really pleasing to the eye。
“You also like green plants?”Hua Yun’s voice came from behind,She took a bottle of fresh orange juice to Li Tianchou。
“The farmers still have some feelings for these。”Li Tianchou is also welcome,Take the bottle and unscrew and drink。
“I have worked hard for you these two days,It’s still early,I’m fine here temporarily,How about you go back to the dormitory to clean up、Settle down。Come for dinner at night,Congratulations on moving to my new home。”Hua Yun is very sorry,Just let my family come to work,The danger continues,I’ve been busy taking out all night without rest。
Li Tianchou is about to answer,Suddenly there was a creaking sound from diagonally above,Then http://www.jixianbuxiugang.cn came the harsh screams,The two looked up subconsciously,Can’t help being surprised,There was a person hanging outside the garden railing on the eighteenth floor of the next unit.!