Just as they talk,Tong Jie and Niu Li ran in,When they saw Xia Jian,He stretched out his hands like a child。See you, Secretary Wang,Shouted loudly:“Don’t make trouble,Mayor Xia and I have important discussions”

“Mayor Tong!I happen to be looking for you,You quickly set up a working group,Which three poor villages to carry out pre-planting preparations,Can’t neglect this matter,Act now”Xia Jian said with a serious face。
Tong Jie said with a little mouth like a child:“I didn’t even have a small gift when I went abroad,Still want me to work”
“Gifts are definitely indispensable,But work matters。Moreover,The car is parked in the yard,In front of so many people,How can I give you this gift?”Xia Jian said with a smile。
Secretary Wang said with a smile:“Hurry up to work!Don’t be annoying here”
Joking,Work is the most important。Tong Jie and Niu Li heard that Xia Jian brought gifts back to them both,Naturally very happy,Before they went out, they told Xia Jian again and again,They come back at night,To get their gifts in Xia Jian’s car。
Secretary Wang waited for the two to leave,I quickly locked the door from the inside,Then he sighed and said:“Mayor Xia!Go to Hejiaping Village of Hejia,This Li Dongmei is going to shake the sky”
“what happened?Be more detailed”Xia Jian asked quietly。
Secretary Wang sighed and said:“He Shuicheng was caught,And his family vomited more than 100,000。Li Dongmei feels sick,I don’t know who was instructed now,Run to town every other day to make trouble,Said that I can’t live anymore,To die to my town government”
“If you want to die, let her die!What’s so scary”Xia Jian came up as soon as he heard the anger,He hates this kind of person most。
Secretary Wang said with a smile:“Can’t say that,This woman can do anything on impulse。If she really died in our Pingyang Town,The first name of our Pingyang town government is all over”
“A woman like her won’t find death so easily,She scared you”Xia Jian said and laughed。
Secretary Wang glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Tong Jie said that Li Dongmei has a lot of dealings with you,She shouldn’t be your opponent,So you have to go to Hejiaping Village yourself,Have a good talk with her”
“Didn’t she come here these two days??”Xia Jian smiled slightly,He really doesn’t understand,Secretary Wang is actually afraid of a woman。
Secretary Wang glanced at Xia Jian,Took a long breath and said:“I told her very clearly,Just wait for Mayor Xia to come back from overseas,Mayor Xia will handle her affairs。She listened to me,I never came back since I went back”