“Hey-hey,The second half is a wife being worn by people.,Brothers kill the whole family,Brother wants to wear,I also kill my brothers.。”

“have no idea,Is it what I mean now??”
When I said this,Li Hui’s killing in the eyes of the eyes is also out of disguise.。
Chapter 1222 does not follow the style of the trunk
Although Han Shanshan is not a real male and female friends with oneself,But since Han Shanshan promised before coming,Then he can’t let Han Shanshan are dangerous again.。
Especially thinking of Han Shanshan is still alone.,This time let him accompany it.,Many of them don’t want to think more,Also understand that Han Shanshan should be almost a loss。
Now think about Han Shanshan knocking before,That face change,He suddenly understood it。
It turns out that everything is that this is the factory manager deliberately,Then I want to achieve my own goal that is not mariberable.。
Dai Changsheng saw the killing of Li Hui’s eyes,Also a glimpse。
“hehe,Lee Boss,Don’t be angry,You don’t want to promise, you can not agree.,I haven’t strong you to promise you.,Of course, I will sell 50% to others.,Loss of Li boss,I don’t have to say more.?”
Looking at Dai Changsheng’s pair of false modes。
Li Hui said straight to the palm of the palm.。
Snapped“You dare to hit me?”
“Hey-hey,You don’t want me,I can’t bear this today.,But you not only want me,Also hit my girlfriend’s idea,I don’t kill you today, you are lucky.。”
Finish,Li Hui is a slap fan.。
This slap directly puts the opponent’s nose out of blood.。
“Stinky boy,I will let you walk out。”
“Hey-hey,Go out,I can’t walk, you said it is not enough.,And you still dare to play with me now.,That is obvious, I am not fighting enough.。”
Follow,Li Hui Feng is a madShane。
until,The other party begged for!。
Looking at Dai Changsheng with pig head,Han Shanshan is also a lively and funny。
When she came to talk about the production line,If you leave a heart in the evening?,I am afraid I really have to succeed.。
Thinking of this Wintermat in front of you,Specialized to do those 龌龊 龌龊,She feels disgusting。
“Lee Boss,Let’s go,Don’t leave him, you have to worry about your father.,I don’t want to have such sons.。”
Listening to Han Shanshan’s yin and yang strange sound,Dai Changsheng’s eyes directly hate,However, when Li Hui’s face is, it is not dare to attack.,Because this young man in front of you will not be discontinued。
The most important thing is that he doubts that the opponent is not to buy the production line.,It seems to be the same as it is。
If the other party is to buy the production line,100% each other heard his request will not immediately hand,At least talk about it。
As a result, the other party does not talk about it.。
Han Shanshan took Li Hui’s entrance to the office.,Just also encounter someone to find Dai Changsheng。
See this scene,Han Shanshan directly pulled Li with the wind and ran。
Li Hui Feng did not want to run,But seeing Han Shanshan’s nervousness is also the same as it is decided to accompany the other party.,At least let the other party don’t have to worry。
Calling is far away,Han Shanshan gasped,Looking at Li Hui, there is a little bit。
“Don’t you say that you are so impulsive??”
“Hey-hey,It is not impulsive.,But he actually hits your idea,Can I be impulsive??
Production line, I would rather not,You can’t don’t make this bad breath.。”
“This time he can make such a request in my face.,The last time you come,Affairs has also been a lot of grievances.?”
Li Hui Feng, this exit,Han Shanshan has neither acknowledges that there is no deny。
“Then you said that we will do now.?
You are all,Want to talk about it again,I feel that there is no play.。”
“Who said that there is no drama?,Since the man can be so awkward,It is certain that there is nothing to use like this.,And I also know their president.。”