“joke?”Guo Yuxi sneered and shook a piece of paper to the young man,“This is the organization chart of your Chaohe Meeting,From the main altar to the branch altar,From branch to branch rudder,Clearly written above,I found it in your office,Are you kidding yourself??”

The young man looked stiff,The thick lips wriggled for a long time.,“Maybe someone who is okay is playing around……”
“You can think clearly before speaking,It’s not you who fooled me here、Confusion。”
“Really……Really,We are a serious company,Without those messy things。”
“What product?”
“seal,Oh no,Do not,Seal oil。”
“Is it a seal or a seal??”
“fur seal,Is a sea dog。”
“What have you seen a fur seal look like?”
“Uh,So big。”Young people still want to reach out,But I took a peek at Guo Yuxi’s sharp gaze,Change words immediately,“no no,I also saw it from the pill box,we,We are only agent products。”
“Who are you Wang Jianbei?”
“My second uncle。”
“Where’s Wang Hao?”