Angry and hurt the body!

Want to save your life, you just press two “degassing holes”!

Angry and hurt the body!
Want to save your life, you just press two “degassing holes”!

When it comes to “angry”, I believe that most women should have a deep understanding.

(Male probably.

.I can also be aware of it from other aspects. In daily life, there will always be times when it is easy and unsatisfactory.

But sometimes I get troubles, unsatisfactory things, even if my temper is good, my endurance is limited, I still can’t control my anger and go up.

The American physiologist Elma once experimented with “angry water”: the glass tube was inserted into a container of zero-degree ice-water mixture, and then began to collect the “soda” that people exhaled under different emotions.

turn out:?

After the water vapor that the human exhaled usually condenses into water, the water is transparent and clear without any impurities;

The water vapor exhaled during grief contains white sediment;

The water vapor exhaled when remorse is milky white;

The worst thing is the “angry water” that exhales when you are angry. Its sediment is purple.

Alma injected a small portion of his collection of “angry water” into a lively white rat. In less than half an hour, the white mouse suddenly died.

From this we can see how much influence a person has when he is angry. If he is “angry water”, he can kill the mouse.

Then its harm to human health is even more important.

7 kinds of “diseases” that come out of the air.

Inducing cardiovascular and cerebral hemorrhage in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Zhou Yu Yang Tian sighed: “What is Sheng Yu, He Shengliang?

“The story of eventually vomiting blood and dying is a household name.”

Can people really be mad?

When the volcano erupts into the ground, the human body is in an excited state of the sympathetic nervous system, releasing a large amount of norepinephrine and adrenaline, causing people to have rapid heartbeat, elevated blood pressure, blood flow changes, and reduced blood supply to the heart.

In severe cases, high blood pressure, cerebral hemorrhage and other serious diseases are caused.

Therefore, people may actually be mad.


When you are angry with the liver and your ribs are angry, is your double rib occasionally painful?

Traditional Chinese medicine often says “angry hurts the liver”, and angry emotions make the body’s gas reverse, and it will damage the liver’s function.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the pain in the liver area is caused by the gas.


Shortness of breath, chest pain, lung swell and anger for 10 minutes, the energy consumed is equivalent to participating in a 3,000-meter long-distance running.

When you are angry, the blood flowing through the heart increases every minute, the demand for oxygen increases, the workload of the lungs increases, and the breathing becomes acute.

Long-distance running can also cause blood pressure to rise, lung workload increases, but the whole process is slowly rising.

And the anger is an instant rise, which is quite unfavorable to the lungs, which can easily cause chest pain, lung swelling, sudden cough and even surgery.


After causing breast disease anger, some female friends will feel breast pain. Why?

It is easy to cause human body secretion disorder, estrogen, progesterone imbalance, easy to cause women’s irregular menstruation, breast pain, breast lobular hyperplasia, increase cancer risk.

Causes a stomach ulcer When you are angry, do you often feel that you can’t eat anything because you are already “suffocated”.
When people are depressed and sad, the gastric mucosa tends to dilate pale, the peristalsis is attenuated, the gastric acid secretion is reduced, and the appetite is poor, the upper abdomen is full, and the suffocation is uncomfortable.

In the case of nervousness, anxiety, and anger, the secretion of adrenal cortex hormones increases, the gastric mucosa is congested and swollen, and the activity is hyperactive. The gastric acid secretion is significantly enhanced. In severe cases, stomach acid may corrode the stomach wall and form an ulcer.


Long skin color spots can lead to long spots?

That’s right, this is not kidding you?
When people are angry, the blood of the body will flood into the face, but the blood in the blood is very little, but the toxins are very much.

These toxins can irritate the hair follicles, causing deep inflammation around the hair follicles, resulting in skin problems such as pigmentation and lack of blood.


When you are angry and angry, will you feel that your brain is in a mess or a blank, and will it recover after a few seconds?

When people are angry, it is easy to “heart and tide”, because the psychological state is out of balance, the emotions are in a high tension, making people “confident.”

This abnormal mental condition is transmitted to the brain, causing the brain to lose balance.

We want to be healthy, but we can’t never be angry.

But after getting angry, we can carry out.

Massage “degassing acupoints”, can solve Qiqishu1, Taichong acupoints are located on the dorsal side of the foot, the first and second toe tibia joints.

With your fingers along the toes, the secondary toe is moved upwards and pressed until you can feel the arteries.

2, the Neiguan point is located in the middle of the forearm, and the position of the wrist is two inches (three fingers).

Frequently blocking the above two acupoints can balance the qi and qi, calm the nerves, relieve the liver and gallbladder meridians, and thus achieve the purpose of eliminating bad emotions, bringing a refreshing, refreshing feeling.