Ali Kunsa Airport will enter the public RNP AR running

  On November 12, the Civil Aviation School Flying Center, a bay, a G450, aircraft, successfully completed the Tibet Ali Kunshan Airport public RNPAR flight program real machine verification test flight.   The public RNPAR flight program that was verified bypassing the original flight program is prone to serious bumps, wind-cut areas. The revised procedure is very […]

Chengdu High-tech Zone Tianzhu West Road Community: "The Bench Party Construction" leads "National Governance"

People’s Network Chengdu July 2011, 2019, Chengdu High-tech Zone Cooperative Cadres, Secretary of Party Branch of All Community, Party Branch, and the Volunteers, lifting tiles, etc. Grass, put a flower box and landscape, and promote the microstellation transformation of the community, continue to winter. Party members are in the first line, deep into the community, […]

Beijing Bank 2021 half-year report: total assets have increased by 3.06 trillion yuan to increase by 5.48% from the beginning of the year.

Recently, Beijing Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Beijing Bank) announced that the 2021 semi-annual report (hereinafter referred to as reported). According to the report, as of the end of June, the total amount of Beijing Bank’s assets reached trillion, and the growth rate of the year was more than 3 trillion yuan. According […]

China Datang Gaoti Heat Power Plant History

De GAOTI-thermo-elektrische fabriek is een van de belangrijkste bouwprojecten van de Nationale "Vijfde Periode" Sovjet-Avenue, die de eerste is die een geschiedenis van de zelf-hoge temperatuur en hoogspanningssysteem van mijn land is. Het is de eerste koleninstelling van Peking. Elektrische centrale. De infrastructuur van de History Exhibition Hall van de GAOTI Power Plant is voltooid, […]

Bevordering van werkgelegenheid Chongqing-beroepsbegeleidingsactiviteiten in de Gemeenschap

  People’s Network Chongqing 23 oktober op 22 oktober Registreer het werkloze personeel, waardoor de werklozen van de school op de werklozen van de school verlaat om professionele begeleiding uit te voeren om hun werkzaamheden te promoten. Om de werkgelegenheid volledig te bevorderen, combineert de Chongqing Municipal Employment Service Administration Party History Education and Business Work, […]

Shaanxi Yanchuan Yuejiwan: the ancient village glow new vitality

In the Shaanxi Luoxawan, there is an ancient city of 756, and the 258-hole ancient kiln hole building is still retained here. Extremely far-sighted, in the mountains of the Loess Plateau, the kiln cave built in a row of rows of mountains, bathing in Xia Guang, the first winter, the Qingping River Village flows. Entering […]

People’s Daily Editorial: The leader of the country’s helm people

The country’s sail is far away, and it is inseparable from the helm. The revival journey of the nation calls for the leader. In the beautiful season of spring breeze, grass germination, the 13th National People’s Congress held a plenary meeting, electing the new national institutional leaders, General Secretary of the Central Committee of the […]