Survey: 70% of the enterprises reflect the overall moderation

Original title: Survey: More than 70% of the enterprises reflect the total amount of tax and fee burden on the 15th news, recently, the State Council mitigated the company’s burden-based joint meeting to entrust the third party agency to investigate the burden on manufacturing enterprises evaluate. The survey shows that 70% of the enterprises reflect […]

The struggle for the cause of human progress (People’s point of view)

  The trip to the avenue, the world is public. Communist Party of China’ve done is to seek happiness for the Chinese people, to seek the revival of the Chinese nation, peace and development for mankind to seek actively seek a peaceful international environment for its own development, its own development to better safeguard world peace […]

Shandong Ecological Environment Committee held a meeting

  Liu Jiayi, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee, and Director of the Provincial Ecological Environment Committee, presided over the meeting and speaking, Li Ganjie, Wang Shujian, Liu Qiang, Zeng Zongrong and committee members attended. The meeting heard reports on the implementation of the province’s ecological environment protection conference and rectification of the ecological environment highlighting […]

Qingyuan Chamber of Commune launched version 2.0 "Listening" to disclose the "zero distance" for the people

In July 2020, Qingyuan Street passed the outstanding experience in six pilot communities for more than half a year of pilot community, comprehensively combed outstanding experience, and prepaffed "Qingyuan Street" Rajia Chang "Decision Guide" and "Qingyuan Street" Raist Chang " The typical case set ", surrounding the workflow, participants, agenda methods, etc., complete, systematically combining […]

Talking about cultural stories, Li Zi is a reference answer

Original title: Talk about cultural stories, plums are a reference answer China short video blogger plums’ overseas fans have a high innovation. On February 2nd, Guinness World Records Declared, Li Ziyu refreshed the video website "Chinese Channel" record "record with 14.1 million Youtube subscriptions. In December 2019, the girl called Li Ziyu was popular on […]

Tianjin High-tech Zone "Cell Valley" runs out acceleration

Original title: High-tech Zone "Cell Valley" runs out acceleration association stem cells with the largest stem cell library in the world; the combined biological immune cell products are approved by the National Food and Drug Administration "Breakthrough Therapy"; Jiuzhou Tong’s investment of 600 million yuan to establish Tianjiu Regeneration Medicine, with Tianjin Medical University jointly […]

The tenth party conference in the Tibet Autonomous Region closed the screen: the head of the new era

  Historical pointers are again pointing to new scales.   On November 30th, 569 representatives of the Tenth Congress of the Tibet Autonomous Region of the Tibet Autonomous Region of the Communist Party of China were attended, and the intensive winds entered the closing conference venue. In the past few days, the tenth party congress from the […]