Rebuild the border of tourism! The 7th Yangtze River Slow Life Tourism Summit is open in Yixing

Modern Quick News, November 13th, from the news network, the Yangtze River Delta Investment Development Forum, the Yangtze River Delta Economic and Strong Research Association The Long Triangle Slow Life Tourism Summit and the 5th Yangtze River Slow Life Tourism Destination Federation Summit opened in Yixing City, Jiangsu Province. It is understood that the Yangtze […]

Shanxi four colleges will move into Qingxu Troupe

  Original title: The four colleges will move into the Qingxu County news, September 24, Qingxu County, Shanxi Provincial Economic and Trade School, Shanxi Vocational and Technical College, Shanxi Provincial Financial Vocational and Technical College, Shanxi Provincial Financial Tax College 4 Schools Will move to the Qing Xu Division, which has been included in the provincial […]

Suqian Fuyang was born in the first industrial invoice sales income broke the 10 billion township

Original title: The first industrial invoiced sales income of Fuyang Break Billion Township This newspaper (Xu Mingze Lu) Song Cong Cong) In January-October this year, Sang Xun Town, Fuyang County, realized the industrial invoicing sales income billion, with an increase of%.This is a township, the first industrial invoice sales income in Suqian City, is also […]

Shandong Huimin: Edible bacteria

  On November 18th, in the modern agricultural industrial park of Huimin County, the aquatic sale of mushroom products in live broadcast.Since the 1980s, Huimin County has been planted in the 1980s. In recent years, the county has promoted modern facilities, focusing on optimizing the industrial layout, strengthening the deep processing, and cultivating the growth of […]

Taiwan youth, scholars call: Let Lu Sheng immediately return to Taiwan to learn

The reporter will live. Sun Liji Photographic People’s Network Taipei August 13 (Reporter Sun Liji, Chen Xiaoxing) Opening an overseas student at the Taiwan authorities, but unparalleled universities, the Taiwan Youth Group invited teachers on the 13th, and scholars called for more than 5,000 Limited continent students immediately return to stand up. The "Chinese Youth […]

The second meeting of the Qinghai Provincial Rural Revitalization Leading Group was held

On August 24, the second meeting of the Qinghai Provincial Revitalization Leadership Group was held and in-depth study of General Secretary of Xi Jinping on implementing rural resolution strategies, promoting common prosperity, and reviewing relevant documents, deploying key work. Wang Jianjun, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Leading Group, presided over and speeches the […]

Struggling the 100-year road to the new journey · "July Medal" winner 丨 热 心 大 王 兰 – She, let this full city is "orchid" incense

  [Wang Lanhua Injection Group was established] In 2005, she contacted 6 retired cadres and love people, established Wuzhong’s first community volunteer service group – Wang Lanhua hot group. Without a workplace, she took a house in her home; her mobile phone became a team’s hotline. In this way, they will take care of the elderly […]

Ruisi, Zhejiang: 2021 "Shuxiang Hangzhou" opened – the "temperature" hidden by the book in the city

  The spring breeze is ten miles, the book is fragrant. On April 23, it was the 26th World Studies Day, 2021 "Shuxiang Hangzhou" series of activities held in Fuyang District, Hangzhou. It is reported that "Xiangxiang Hangzhou" series activities integrate the "Hangzhou Learning Festival" "West Lake Reading Festival", "National Lifelong Learning Activity Week" three major […]