“Ha ha!So I can officially work?“Wang Degui looked triumphant。Quiet in the house,So quiet that you can hear it。

———— First0088chapter Spoiler A long while,Ouyang Hong squeezed out two words from his mouth:“can“ “Well,But I have to explain,Mayor Li asked me to work,Otherwise I will stay in the hospital for a while,I heard that the village is chaotic during this time,You said that as the head of a village,How can i still live“Wang Degui […]

Just as they talk,Tong Jie and Niu Li ran in,When they saw Xia Jian,He stretched out his hands like a child。See you, Secretary Wang,Shouted loudly:“Don’t make trouble,Mayor Xia and I have important discussions”

“Mayor Tong!I happen to be looking for you,You quickly set up a working group,Which three poor villages to carry out pre-planting preparations,Can’t neglect this matter,Act now”Xia Jian said with a serious face。 Tong Jie said with a little mouth like a child:“I didn’t even have a small gift when I went abroad,Still want me to […]

As the person in front of you finishes,Watching Wang Teng feels more funny。

Really don’t know? obviously,This is absolutely impossible。 He must know something,This is Wang Teng’s first feeling。 but,In fact, strictly speaking,These things,It’s not what Wang Teng needs to care about。 But the more so,Actually here,Wang Teng felt more and more,These things,I’ll go back and talk later。 “it is good,I hope you better not be related to […]

NS146chapter:Everything is watching

, NS146chapter:Everything is watching “Oh!”Li Yina will look more and more seriously,Elegant phoenix,Don’t read it deeply, Lan Xin’s smart face。 A lady who just came over,Heard this,It’s quite surprised to watch Blue Xin.。 Especially Gu Ai’an,Under the heart,Looking at Li Yina’s look,It seems that I want to collect Blue Xin to make an apprentice。 Can […]

“Hey-hey,The second half is a wife being worn by people.,Brothers kill the whole family,Brother wants to wear,I also kill my brothers.。”

“have no idea,Is it what I mean now??” When I said this,Li Hui’s killing in the eyes of the eyes is also out of disguise.。 Chapter 1222 does not follow the style of the trunk Although Han Shanshan is not a real male and female friends with oneself,But since Han Shanshan promised before coming,Then he […]

“Cold front,Bring someone and walk around with me,I can’t just wait here,You are all on fire,Suppress their physical strength。”

“remember,Before killing their snipers,Don’t make a head,”Immediately the flying wolf took him and walked another way。 And on the other side,Qin Hao met the god of death。 At the beginning,Qin Hao didn’t keep his hands,Because this god of death is a ruthless character。 If Qin Hao keeps his hands,,Then Qin Hao didn’t know how he […]

Fang Fang shook his head and said:“All right,It’s complicated,Don’t ask”Fang Fang finished,Took out the phone,Called a sister and said she drank too much,Let people take her home。

Hang up the phone,Fang Fang smiled at Xia Jian:“Sorry buddy,Bad mood tonight,A little too much。Please do not mind that,I’ll sleep for a while”Fang Fang said,Lay on the table。 “what’s wrong with you,Treat me as a transparent body。Can’t I do the thing to send you home?”Xia Jian said very upset。 Fang Fang, who was lying on […]


269 pirate Naturally, Chen Xiu didn’t know that because he suddenly left,All parties in Anshan are in chaos,Calm and calm on the bright surface,The secret war is likely to be on the verge of。 After discussing that day,Professor Fang also contacted Huang Nanguo to tell Chen Xiu’s guess,Huang Nanguo also said that he would negotiate […]