Under the disappointment of Liao Wenjie,Paper crayon thrown by the bell white,叽 叽 上。 “Can you find it??” “no way,Either time too long,Pocket owner’s breath is exhausted,Either it is too far away,Can’t induce each other。”Zhongfa shook his head,Backward:“If it is really important,I can ask the master’s manager’s mana.,try again。” “Not,For this little thing, please ask […]

Herbled is angry,Sir, slap in the table:“Good brother,Qin Shuang organizes to surround the cloud,joke,I saw that Qin Strokes took a few times and went to the clouds.。”

Wen is ugly:“Homework,The Frostman has tried his best.,It’s really a stereo to the world.,Talented repeatedly。” “Don’t use you here to move,Give me out。” Heroes,I plan to pick up the clouds.,Waiting for the ugly to the door,What what I thought,Also let it roll back:“Emperor is released,Is he still in the world?,Have you eigue??” “Emperor’s predecessors have […]

“Shunzi said,Everyone left because they felt that E-Sports was too good in the Glory Gun project,The food person can only play with the food person,Who joins,Who is looking for abuse……”President Feng Xichuandao。

“What about the college competition next week??Such a good performance opportunity,We can’t give up easily!”Zhang Songdao。 “You know,Shooting games,I can’t play for too long,exceed30I’ll vomit in minutes……”Feng Xichuan said helplessly。 Zhang Song’s mind,I immediately recalled that the president made the most vomiting sound in the game voice,He is a natural pair3DVertigo。 “and so,We desperately need […]

“Treasure or treasure?!”Nightmare Candle King is desperate,Divine power burns,At the same time the treasure between the eyebrows also lit up。

A virtual and immortal force like candlelight pierced Li Ming’s body。 With Li Ming’s will and today’s physical foundation,The souls below the Venerable can basically ignore the attack on him。 Although the Nightmare Candle is good at soul techniques,But it didn’t affect Li Ming at all。 in contrast,Li Ming’s spear turned into countless streamers,Pierced into […]

That night,Hundreds of wolves attacked the small county,The imperial army can’t help。

his parents、Classmate,All died in the mouth of the demon wolf。16kChinese For revenge,In order to release the pain in my heart,He saves everything,Seek a chance。 Obsession is a devil,Also motivation。 Haircut for a monk,Take an oath,Let him have extremely strong power。 His blood knife,Can easily kill powerful practitioners。 Hard work,He killed the demon wolf clan,But found […]

“joke?”Guo Yuxi sneered and shook a piece of paper to the young man,“This is the organization chart of your Chaohe Meeting,From the main altar to the branch altar,From branch to branch rudder,Clearly written above,I found it in your office,Are you kidding yourself??”

The young man looked stiff,The thick lips wriggled for a long time.,“Maybe someone who is okay is playing around……” “You can think clearly before speaking,It’s not you who fooled me here、Confusion。” “Really……Really,We are a serious company,Without those messy things。” “What product?” “seal,Oh no,Do not,Seal oil。” “Is it a seal or a seal??” “fur seal,Is a […]

Miyan Mingmei instantly awake,She certainly remembers,The last picture before the dream,This is the same smile like this devil,Remember,No matter how it doesn’t forget。

Why is this face hole in the horse?,Is it a nightmare?? It is difficult to say a heart,Miye Mingmei after a short and dramatic psychological activity,Glamorous,Directly。 “……”x3 “sister,elder sister。” Gray original prretty,Catch the air in the air,In addition to loneliness,No more。 Be very embarrassed! “Hahaha,Seeing her so excited,I have always had me in my heart.,Sorry。” […]

“You go away,I never want to see you again in my life。”Xia Shuyue doesn’t know what’s wrong,I feel sick when I see Zhao Luo。

“You are really pregnant?You are pregnant with his child?You tell me,Did he raise you?He takes money to open a shop for you,You help him give birth?”Zhao Lola stayed with Xia Shuyue who turned to leave,A series of questions。 Xia Shuyue casually slapped Zhao Luo on the face,“Bastard,Get out of here!” Xia Shuyue walked forward angrily,Zhao […]

Xia Jian knew,He now takes Hu Huiru’s salary,It’s reasonable to come out and guide the company’s work。Only this time he accompanied Wang Lin to investigate the land acquisition,Inconvenient to meet people,So I never thought of going to Hu Huiru’s company。Unexpectedly, this woman still knows that he is a city。

Xia Jian said something polite to the phone,Hung up。Wang Lin on the side changed her clothes,Asked casually:“Who?I feel like a woman with great taste” “I seem to tell you this woman,She is Hu Huiru, the executive general manager of Dongsheng Group。This woman is very powerful,Worthy of admiration in business”Xia Jian briefly introduced Hu Huiru。 After […]