Buddhism,It was originally a very small genre in the circle of Chaos Gods and Demons,From the lights of the year,Today’s burning lamp ancient Buddha is established,His subordinates recruited some true gods。

initial,There are only ten true gods and ancestors in the entire genre。 But one of the forces‘Tathagata’But not satisfied。 Tathagata,Origin of Chaos God,It is also the earliest time to comprehend the Qi refining method,It also fully comprehends the power of the four heavenly paths。 however,Realize the Four Ways of Heaven,A powerful but unqualified breakthrough,Instead, he […]


First0902chapter Turn the tide Human potential is sometimes forced out。 Xia Jian suppressed his excitement,PutGZCheng Huiling told Wang Lin about the financing,Even Wang Lin, who is very stable on weekdays, jumped up excitedly,She couldn’t help holding Xia Jian,Kissed him on the face。 Xia Jian smiled and said:“This is only 30 million,There is still a gap […]

“Your kid is great,We are here today,You have the ability to show your name,Let’s fight again in Pingdu“Chen Feng panting,He stood up from the ground supported by his two followers。

Xia Jian wanted to say he was Xia Jian,Can think again,Why did he say his name to them!He thinks that although Chen Feng is not very capable,But what he did is offensive。I’m not clean at first,Always thinking about disposing of others,Is this what people do? “Go off!Why do i tell you my name”Xia Jian said,I […]

Lin Weifen’s face turned red and said:“Guo always protects Mr. Xia more and more,We can’t make a joke on him”

“Ha ha!Little girl will pick up the movie。I’m protecting Mr. Xia,So you guys just work hard,Stop thinking,Haven’t thought about it”Guo Meili said,Hahahaha laughed。 Xi Zhen coldly snorted a little unconvinced.。The waiter starts to serve,Since there is no breakfast in the morning,So Xia Jian is a little hungry,He doesn’t wait for others to move,He started eating […]

“Why should i listen to you。”The robber didn’t believe Shi Muluo’s words,Think she just wanted to beg to let it go。

“Tut,The entire wall outside the convenience store is glass,Did you see the building opposite?If you guessed it right, the sniper is already lurking inside,Considering the position of the two of us,The third window on the second floor on the right is the best sniper spot,Once you have any intention to hurt me,They will choose to […]

“Don’t worry,Shop is one thing,After renting,The most important thing is someone,Someone can run the store。”Ye Boping immediately persuaded。

“simple,Rent it out,Side decoration,Just hire people。” “New team,All newcomers,no experience,It’s dangerous to open a shop like this,Since we want to do,I’m going to do my best,Must have someone you are familiar with,Have skilled workers。” “You can hire skilled workers。” “Photographer、Gaffer、Producer,These all need professional talents,Must have a certain understanding of their level,At least half of the […]

Xia Jianman thought Sister Cuilian would praise him for his bravery today,Never expected,She will be angry。

“sister,Don’t be angry,I did cause you trouble,But who are too bullies,If not for the police,I just put them……”Xia Jiangang said half of it,Sister Cuilian looks very ugly,I had to stop。 Sister Cuilian took a breath,A bit reckless:“Boss Li is already done,Sixty yuan for twelve catties of meat,I bargain,Find someone to weigh,And what hands and feet […]

Huang Xiaoding looked surprised,Only then did he react,It turns out that Qin Hao went out to collect medicinal materials and prepare medicine。

“Take one,See how it works?”Qin Hao said to him。 Qin Hao also wants to see if this effect is as bad as it says。 ———— Chapter Sixty Three Devil training that is more devil than the devil “I believe this potion can definitely increase your physical strength,”Qin Hao said confidently。 If Huang Xiaoding succeeded,Then his […]

“With so much military merit,I can act alone。。。But stay with the captain for a while?!Just left,Is it too。。。。。。”

“Wanderer,Are you going to leave?”Gave Li Ming a blank look,Sighed slightly。 Li Ming:“。。。Is my expression so obvious?” The lion sighed slightly:“About 50,000 years ago,We also have a teammate,Is a genius in the glory secret realm of the giant axe battlefield,After reaching the military merit limit,And left us alone。” “Don’t feel embarrassed,I can see,Kill that monster […]