but,Lu Menglin still chose to help Xiaozhi,Do simulation exercises in your mind first,Put this formula《Open Sky Slash》The power method and energy operation route,Operate and practice repeatedly in the mind,Strive to achieve the effect of perfection。

This formula《Open Sky Slash》,Obviously not human martial arts,I don’t know if it’s the martial arts of the dark race or the gods,Which contains the use of space energy。 After all,Lu Menglin still feels too much consumption,A little reluctant to practice this in reality。After all, the space energy that oneself seizes from the horn fly is […]

Introduction of musical instruments,Cat ears are very confident,Her Tao Xun has six sound holes,Able to blow out complete pentatonic and seven-tonic scales。

She told Hu and others,There are many types of xun,In addition to the traditional oval xun,And Hulu Xun、Hold xun、Mandarin duck、Son mother xun、Ngau Tau Xun、Pen holder xun and other types。 With laryngeal device,Looks like a gourd,A second tire is required for production,Complex process。This xun has the thinnest near the waist,When the air flows here,Edge sound effect,Extend […]

And the location of this restaurant is not in the center of Yun City,So the surrounding environment will look very quiet。

Not to mention parking spaces,Last time Lin Yoona remembered that the parking space in front of the restaurant was full,So they parked the car in a far place。 But not at all this time,Because Xiao Fan can see,The open spaces around this restaurant seem to be parking spaces for the restaurant。 Imagine that a restaurant […]

And Xia Chenglong at this time,Although this feeling in my heart is very angry,But there is no other way,So now I can only stabilize my mind,Then I went to Murong Ningbing。

And this time Xia Chenglong felt that although the blood girl took the opportunity to escape,But she shouldn’t lie to herself,Because this place is really suitable for Tibetans,And came here to make trouble,The range is also extremely small,In sight,Touchable scope,The spiritual consciousness cannot extend beyond the sight。 So at this time, Xia Chenglong,I was also […]

Chapter Fourteen:Arrival of Angel Yan

Tony:Senior Prophet, you know? Flower pity:(Surprised expression)Did Sister Zi Yao count what Sister Hexi did?? Shen Ziyao:Not that,But Sister Hexi chatted with me privately at noon today。 Wu Xing:Private chat? Saw Shen Ziyao’s answer,Wu Xing feels a bit strange instinctively。 Shen Ziyao:Yes,Your Excellency Wu Xing,Today, Sister Hexi asked me about the future of the earth。 […]

An instant,As if everything around has slowed down,The expressions on Su Pengzhen’s faces,There is also a voice that makes myself extremely uncomfortable and angry。

“Officer Han,China’s public security is different from what the news network said!” Han Yuxiang didn’t fall to the ground,Even except for the knife wound on the leg and the swelling and pain on the ankle,Han Yuxiang no longer feels other pain。But when Han Yuxiang saw clearly in whose arms he fell,Can’t wait to explode in […]

Even if you don’t know so much,Also speculated from some clues,This is one of the important reasons why all parties are willing to send representatives to the conference.。

I thought that the Earth Alliance is not only the strongest,And also mastered the stronghold in the foreign space,It is equivalent to grasping the lifeblood of human beings becoming stronger quickly,This is for them,The biggest attraction of the Earth Alliance。 however,All of this after Lu Menglin appeared,Was completely broken。 It turns out that Shocking God […]


Really arrogant! Ok! you win! “Ok,Met,I even beat the buddy wildly!”Qiao Tianyu said。 “I know,That buddy is looking for a fight!”Michelle said seriously,“If someone dared to scold Huaxia in front of me like that,I beat him to death too!” “Haha,Unexpectedly, my sisters are also of good temperament!”Qiao Tianyu smiled,“how about it,Scared?Now I completely offend the […]

“It’s that simple,Are you sure you can handle that stubborn old guy?”

Matsushita Kojima nodded heavily:“No one will waver in the face of interests,Isn’t it?After all,Big land and abundant resources,So many resources,Once this thing succeeds,We don’t have to guard here anymore。” Predator leader,Nodded gently:“In that case,OK then,I’ll believe you for the time being,But if you dare to lie to me,Your whole barren man will be finished!” Predator […]

Because Northrop·Grumman’s operations are quite coquettish,Their plan is,Borrowed separately from the U.S. Air Force2frameF-5EwithF-5FParticipate in this bidding,If the final bid is successful,They have been sealed in the United States“Aircraft cemetery”AmongF-5EPull a batch out,Modify it、Refurbishment and life extension before selling to Tuye。

For Northrop·For Grumman,There are so many benefits,First of all,Although it is a second phone,But theseF-5EwithF-5FAre all sealed scientifically and rigorously,And many sealed“Aircraft cemetery”innerF-5EwithF-5FJust used10Years or so,There are a lot of remaining life of the fuselage,Fully meet the requirements of Turkey; Secondly,Since this is a second phone,But the overall performance of these aircraft is good,The overall […]