Chapter Seven Hundred and Thirty Little trick

This is the last thing they can do for it,As for the road behind, they still need to go,So I have to leave now。 Tu Cancan also get up,A lot stronger at this moment。 “Let’s go!” “Not urgent!” Xia Chenglong stopped the woman,The other party is unknown so,Looked at with confused eyes。 The door behind […]

The afternoon and evening are the time for the main broadcaster,So it’s not that easy to get on the list,Especially the national hourly list,Did not brush a hundred thousand yuan,Hard to get first。

therefore,They can only ask for a provincial ranking。 of course,Hard to say,Sometimes the number one in the province is the number one in the country,After all, the list of Guangdong Province has always been very strong。 On their platform,Like Guangdong、Zhejiang、Jiangsu、Sichuan and other provinces have rushed to the list。The previous province is economically strong,Large spending power,Behind […]

“Yes,Ugh,It’s hard to be a leader,I think it’s harder to be an employee。”

…… Several young men in the house ridiculed their hearts。Tian Lu outside the door hesitated,Chen Amei hit Tian Lu,Small channel:“go in,not sure,Everyone is waiting。” When Tian Lu was hesitating for a moment,Heard floating around the corner“Old man”sound,Talk and laugh,If the person is the leader,I was hit by them standing outside the door,How embarrassing。 Gritted his […]

Before coming,Whether it’s the demo city government or the foreign affairs department training their husband and wife,I am very optimistic about the results of this meeting with Chen Geng,Then the problem is coming:What should I do next?

“Mr. Chen,Your worries are not unreasonable……” Just at this time,Jiang Tao spoke:“I can’t deny that it is indeed possible to have these levels of influence.,But what I want to say is,In fact, even with these levels of influence,You willF100The project settled in our magic city,Actually the most cost-effective。” “Oh?How to say?” Chen Geng was a […]

This sect is naturally the sect into which Jiang Min was arrested。But listening to Jiang Min’s meaning,The Boundless School seems to be passed on from generation to generation?

Plus the Jiangmin Cangmang faction seems to be only two people。And his master,It seems that a lonely person has guarded the place for decades。 But because the other party looks younger than Jiang Min,So the latter always felt that Jiang Min would be uncomfortable if he called the other master.,So after all, I haven’t admitted […]

“Oops,Isn’t this the Captain Leopard who just returned triumphantly?,I heard that you have suffered a lot this time,Was harmed by a few spirit wolves。”

“What are you talking about!” That person owes,Cynicism at first。 Not to mention this,Get angry when you say it! They went to the front desk of the union to report the loss,The other party actually said that the spirit wolf could not appear on a large scale in that place.,Think they are lying,So only compensate […]

TonyFeng is a Muay Thai master,How heavy is his elbow,Just the power of rubbing,It’s enough to be coma on the spot。

Master Ye Tian’s figure is shaking,Apparently injured,The key is that the head was hit hard,Lost weight,My own strength naturally dissipated。 TonyPeak hit,Without hesitation,Kicked Master Ye Tian and fell to the ring on the spot。 Shocked,Countless exclamations resounded all around,Everyone looked at this scene in disbelief,There was endless panic in my heart。 Does the national martial […]

Is it,What the monster said is true?Lu Menglin knew he was not its opponent,Can only sit on that space battleship,Dare not come down?

Can you just watch that monster destroy the portal??Without the light pattern equipment of Shenmin Continent,Is it possible for humans to defeat it?? Just when everyone was lost for a moment,The Lord of Dark Dragon raised his arm,A large group of black light began to condense in his palm。 That is the purest space energy,With […]

Here is a high slope of loess,Look down from the sky,Except for the abrupt loess and heat waves in the air,Nothing。

The continuous mountains make it seem like a huge barrier,Divide the ground into two pieces of heaven and earth。 Sword Casting City, one of the five cities of Dahua Country? I’m afraid no one will believe,After all, this place is too desolate,It seems almost irrelevant to human life。 “the host,Are you sure we are going […]

Huo Rongxuan was ill for a month,It is already autumn when he recovers,Shen Han also started school。

Autumn is the beginning of school,It’s also a good day to get married。 Huo Rongxuan’s marriage,No one from the Huo family has come to talk to Shen Han,But the number of people in the Huo family’s usual days suddenly increased,The servants at home are getting busier。Madam Huo came back from abroad long ago,I’ve been in […]