this moment,Su Xuehen is really happy,She may not remember the love in her youth,But she clearly remembers those moving moments when playing games。

Whether it is friends from Cold Moon Guild,Or the overlord Aotian born,Make her remember。 “awesome!It’s awesome here!I really want them to know,I came here!”Su Xuehen’s pretty face turns red,Hurriedly。 “Currently the main body has completed 80%,It will be open to the public by August next year at the latest。”Lu Menglin laughed。 In the meantime,He was […]

See these three words,Qiao Tianyu rushed into his forehead with passion,Then the world was spinning around,One didn’t stand firm and almost fell。

“master!”The chubby face behind him is not good,Hurry and hold on to Qiao Tianyu,“Are you OK?” “Tianyu,what happened to you?”Qiao Dahua also discovered Qiao Tianyu’s anomaly,Hurry up and support Qiao Tianyu。 “No.Nothing.”Qiao Tianyu shook his head with a pale face,I held my chubby face and relaxed for a full three minutes。 “Sorry,A little tired today。”The […]

His move,The voice in the classroom suddenly became more than half quiet。

Although it’s just starting school,The classmates are not too familiar with each other,But everyone has a basic judgment with each other。 This Wei Xiaoxing,Very active,As soon as I arrive in the class, I brag about my variation,When he registered for the metal gate,The ruthless character who lit up three stars! The concentration of red mist […]

There are some difficult things,Let Bai Anni and Bai Yanni be hit hard。

“Dad was just kidnapped,If the other party wants to kill him,You don’t have to work so hard!” Annie and Yanni listened to me,I feel better immediately。 I’m not wrong。 Killing Li Qiankun is better than taking him away,Much lower degree of difficulty! The other party is not trying to kill him,But for other purposes…… The […]


Just as public opinion on the Internet is boasting,The official certification of Fengmeng Entertainment released a message,new movie《original sin》Start shooting,Hope the major audiences support。 “I go,This time to promote the movie?This company can,I still understand business operations!” “and many more,I watch the movie introduction,It’s actually going to hold a new actor named Goryeo?Is it Xiaoxian […]

When Xiang Chen got up,I just ran into Zhu Shiyao who came back,So he smiled awkwardly。“Stomach is a little sick,I go to the bathroom。”

Xiang Chen left,Zhu Shiyao seated,I ate a few bites of food first,Later, I excitedly pulled Xiao Xiaoxiao and Xiangyang and said“I just heard my second uncle say,He invited many stars to pay grandpa birthday,We will ask for an autograph!” “Is that handsome guy staring at you the star you are talking about??” Xiao Xiaoxiao asked […]

Secretly shocked,Fortunately, Xiang Chen only got his shape,Fortunately, there is no sand poison in Xiang Chen’s palm。

Qu Tianyi has not had time to express more emotion,After Xiang Chen and Qu Tian gave a palm,As if nothing is the same。 Holding Tiger Soul with one hand,Xiang Chen ignored his red and swollen hands,Fast forward next to Qu Tianyi’s body,The flashback speed is slightly slower,Qu Tianyi’s belly can already feel the coldness of […]

And the female warrior who was stabbed by the opponent’s sword light,The blood volume on the top of the head went to two-thirds at once,Scared her back quickly,Don’t dare to fight against each other。

unexpectedly,She quit,The three men guarding the door shot at the same time,Three sword lights gathered on the remaining female warrior。 Only a scream came from the screen,The poor female soldier fell,The equipment potion burst all over the place。 And the three men who blocked the door blocked the entrance again,Don’t even pick up the potions […]

Seeing the reaction of these priests,Whether it is Lu Menglin,Or Huang Shaotian,Feel something is wrong。

Lu Menglin strode forward,Arched his hands at the old priest,Asked:“The priest,Why did they run when they saw me?” The old priest heard the Dragon God’s favor ask him,Couldn’t help but smile wryly:“grown ups,They are from Gaia,I’m sorry if I see you。”180 “What do you mean?”Lu Menglin shook his head at hearing,Don’t understand。 The old priest […]

Wei Zhengyi is asking some questions about live broadcast,When he is going back,Live broadcast when you have time,Mainly to introduce the local customs,What local products are there in the village?,See if there is something that netizens like,If the price is acceptable to everyone,that’s great。

His teaching village,So poor,Even the road is not hardened,I’m still on the hill road,It’s the kind that can’t get in even if there is a car。 Ran Ran、Xiaoxiao、Lao Su and they did not dislike,Sitting in the living room,Talk to Wei Zhengyi’s family,Help choosing dishes, etc.。 Especially Lao Su,I was poor too,Have suffered,So there is nothing […]