“Ok,Very vivid,Very vivid。”Hua Yun nodded with a smile,Who said that if the culture is not high, there is no unique insight。If this guy reads more books,That must be incredible。

The phone rang,Xiaopan is calling,She found a garden-style apartment,Feels good,Just wait for Hua Yun to see it in person and place the deposit。 Hua Yun received the call,Suddenly I feel better,“Xiaopan found a house,Why don’t you go and see with me。” Li Tianchou naturally nodded in agreement,This is the basic job of the attendant。 The […]

otherwise,I really passed out later.,What should I do with Shen Xuan??

In fact, such a thing,Shenxuan’s heart,It’s very clear.。 But in seeing this,Shen Xuan directly big hands:“All block,One is not letting!” Shen Xuan’s words finished,Su Yuhong and Huang Yue’s heart。 what,Really not allowed to let go?? If this is really the case,So that one is not dangerous.? so now,The two people think of this,Once again, look […]