Wang traffic listening,He hides the hut,But you can’t stop the three letters of the big voice.。

Pat Wang Fangdao:“There will be something to wait?Nothing to follow my county。” Wang Fang strange:“What happened in Shang County?” “Give you a pixel,Said to let you wind and light,Your brother, I said to do it.。” Chapter 23 Judicial auction “Come,Try this one more。”Wang traffic picks up the clothes,Handed to Wang Fang。 “elder brother,enough,I can’t […]

This youth can appear safely,Then the people outside are very likely to be fierce.。

“Luo,how?We do a transaction。” Summer still walks,Laud,“I have killed the people here.,No need for your cheats,As long as you tell me something。” NS1179chapter See also spike Whole ,The fastest update person! NS1179chapter See also spike Luo’s head is also watching summer。 Some of his looks between his looks,Some surprised。 Between the eyebrows in front of […]

Is the mood complicated??All the same。

People who used to be by her,It’s you。 but me,What is not her best friend?? But everything,Because,Change this?? “Yes‘Mid-to-peak’Is there a victim?。”Sitting in the Tenth District of the Qing Palace,o1etBase of the basement of the basement,Gazing a large amount of data on the light screen,Muttering,“Chang Platform Middle School,Capability1eve1 4Electrical make it??Although there is a difference,But […]

Suddenly Xia Jian found that Xiao Xiao had gone back to the room quietly,It seems that she didn’t take out her gift in time,She’s still a little unhappy。Women are different from men,More important than these little things。

Xia Jian found the gift for Xiao Xiao,Then hide behind,Gently pushed Xiao Xiao’s door open。 ———— First1735chapter Tactful rejection ? Human hearts are grown in flesh,I believe Xiao Xiao is the same。 When Xia Jian pushed in,,Xiao Xiao leaned on the bed。She deliberately glanced at Xia Jian and said:“I don’t know how to knock when […]

Wave water,Don’t whitewire!

“Take time to do things。” Finish,Gao Biyi quietly pushed the door,After discovering no one,Quickly left。 NS1187chapter Human heart(superior) Han River,Gao Baoyi stands on the top floor of Wang Linzhang ship,Overlooking the city defense against Sancheng,Focus on the city’s banner written a big one“week”Character。 And so close,Zhou Jun did not respond,Probably a little habit of […]

“People inside have problems,I’ll take care of it。”Li Tianchou smiled slightly and didn’t want to say more,I emphasized when I left,“You and i know。”

Watching Li Tianchou’s back,Old Zhu doesn’t know what to say,Hesitate,He took out a key from his waist and completely locked the private room。 Beyond Zhu Lei’s expectations,Li Tianchou returned soon,I also have a few large sacks for potatoes,Within ten minutes。Old Zhu pouted and didn’t ask much,Took out the key quickly,Open the private room,What catches […]


Dracula smiled reservedly。 Did not respond directly to Tim·Cook’s problem。 But after thinking for a few seconds before speaking:“Mr. Cook,Actually, you want to ask me if I have a friend who works in the research institute established by Huaxia Youth, right??But sorry,I can’t give you a definite answer。I can only say,If Apple can fully […]

“OK!You don’t call me in the game,Are you afraid of me being dragged??woo woo http://www.mtxwifi.cnwoo woo……”

“Is not,Take a good rest,Don’t dare to bother you with such small things。”Feng Xichuan replied。 in fact,Feng Xichuan was just discharged from the hospital because of Cao Anna,Internet cafes are not suitable for her to keep her body quiet;On the other hand, he also has some selfishness,in case1There is a great god like her in […]

But this doesn’t mean,They are now absolutely safe。

At least,Still there’s a lot of safety hazards。 At least,That person has not resolved yet。 “Let’s next goal,Lin Zhonghu!” Shen Xuan looks to everyone,Gently cough two,Don’t forget it here。 It’s all that I have finished in Shen Xuan.,at this time,Other people around,very angry。 “What is it?,This forest is,It’s too annoying.,Never let him go。” “This is […]